How AI Can Boost Customer Experience

by | May 2, 2019 | Customer Experience

We are living in the age of the connected customer. If brands want to move forward with technology that supports their customers, adopting an understanding of AI and how it can help with the acquisition and retention of customers is imperative. Artificial Intelligence can make it easier and more effective to deal with customers across multiple channels and devices. This ensures you stay on track with each customer and their needs.

Artificial Intelligence in the context of customer service and experience is the technology that helps with machine learning, problem-solving, predictive analytics, automation and a few other associated processes. These processes are integrated into existing business technologies such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management), ERP (Enterprise ResourcePlanning) and of course, the physical support centres. The combination of existing technologies and AI makes workflow scalable and simpler to deal with, automating influxes of customer enquiries so as to best serve the customer’s needs.


One of the key advantages of AI is integration. It’s not a standalone product, but rather something that can take your current CRM, ERP or support centre to the next level. According to a study carried out by Aberdeen, 73% of CX leaders who currently use (or will use) AI for their CX efforts, do so because they struggle to use data to achieve their goals. Data is pointless is you’re not using and learning from it.

How Can AI Be Used To Streamline CX Processes

From the automation side of things, AI can help with the automation of processes, which might already be taking up a lot of time and resources. Routing algorithms can help enquiries direct to the most equipped customer service agent who knows how to deal with
that specific issue. That way, customer support agents aren’t inundated with general queries that take more time to sift through and understand before realising what it is that the customer actually needs.

Machine learning can help build customer profiles. Data sets can be built for each customer based on activity, FAQs, order history, customer history and so on. This will help deliver a personalised service to each and every customer.

Machine learning can also help decipher intent. Humans can also be involved in this process to help with the enrichment of the data received. That way you can be assured that the machines are interpreting intent in the best and most accurate way possible.

AI can also help manage data effectively so that employees can have access to the exact information they need to do their jobs. As spoken of above, many CX leaders are unaware of how to actually use the data they have at their disposal. With AI, this data can be read,
interpreted, organised and packaged in a way that employees can understand and make the best use of it.

AI is not meant to replace humans in their roles, but to rather support them so that they can become customer service and experience gurus.

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