There’s a Science To Creating Customer Experience Magic

Delivering a consistent and engaging customer experience isn’t easy, which is why we’ve developed a formula that delivers the following:

  • Quantifies the customer experience

  • Creates real organisational change

  • Drives value for business and customers

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Our Magic Formula

A Powerful Trifecta

CX  I  UX  I  Market Research

Science, in essence, is about systematic study, observation and experiment. And for 15 years, the focus of our studies has been customer experience. During that time, we have developed a formula that leverages CX, UX and market research, to not only exceed customer expectations but also anticipate them. This is the sweet spot where real customer experience magic happens and relationships are forged.

Customer Experience

Outcomes Based CX

  • Strategy

  • Planning

  • Implementation

  • Measurement

User Experience

Evidence Backed Design

  • Evaluations

  • UX Strategy

  • UX & UI Design

  • Resourcing

Market Research

Insight Driven Decisions

  • Qualitative

  • Quantitative

  • Measurement

  • Competitor

Our Clients

We’ve Helped Create Better Customer Experiences For

” My experience working with Interact has been overwhelmingly positive. They are efficient, meet timelines and produce quality research outputs and facilitate great insights from user testing. They are also willing to adjust their ways of working to accommodate specific requirements from myself or my team. They are also well priced when you compare them with competing companies, specifically for moderated usability testing.”
“Interact RDT have partnered with Santam for a number of years across insights and digital. They have successfully completed a number of UX and UX related projects for my team over the last 3 years and assisted us in driving a more client-centric approach to digital development.”
“Working with Interact proved to be a good experience: the team was very professional throughout all interactions, managed the projects well and provide valuable inputs to address our challenge. We are pleased with the team’s approach and good work which successfully supported our project. “
“We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Janette and her team, who often provides regular updates and insights gathered from their experience on the field in our projects. Recommendations for improvements are shared and programme management changes are discussed at length based on findings.”
“We have worked with Interact RDT for a number of years and they have an in-depth knowledge of our business through this long engagement. Their attention to detail as well as providing us with wide-ranging services; from usability assessments, focus groups, usability research projects as such the Self Service landscape review; has been very useful.”
“The team’s professionalism, work ethic and expertise in the research industry have made Interact RDT one of our preferred service providers in generating client and consumer insights in Retail Investments and Online User Experience (UX). It is indeed a privilege and pleasure to partner with the team at Interact RDT.”
“Interact delivered exceptional service in enabling us to launch a new consumer credit status solution to the Kenyan market. When we engaged with Dave and his team we had minimal time to execute against considerable deliverables however the team were highly enthusiastic and professional ensuring on-time delivery of the campaign.”

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