Businesses Are Benefitting From Using VoC To Extract Customer Experience Insights

by | Aug 7, 2018 | Customer Experience

Many customer experience professionals started their careers in market research. Both areas of expertise look at insight into customer sentiment and how they can use that information to improve a product or service. Insight is gained in disparate ways, but the intentions behind each practice are very similar. Ultimately, both career paths have the best offering for the customer in mind.

It turns out that both market research teams and customer experience professionals have another common point of interest. Both can use Voice Of The Customer (VoC) initiatives to extract valuable information that serves their individual needs.

Where VoC And CX Can Converge Or Collide

VoC programmes are being rolled out in organisations all over the world, helping businesses gain essential insight into how customers feel about a given experience. While it’s a market research tactic, it’s tying in with customer experience on the same level, informing both teams with valuable customer feedback. Any negative experiences are immediately picked up on and translated into an opportunity for the business to make an improvement.

This is especially beneficial for the business as whole when all teams are aligned with the feedback from all VoC programmes. Standard VoC initiatives might fall short if they are not considering customer experience and posing linear questions that don’t delve into the nitty gritty of how a customer actually perceives what you’re offering. A missed opportunity on a gargantuan scale, but it’s very easy to shift into the right perspective.

More businesses are starting to incorporate the sourcing of customer experience insight into their VoC programmes, and the benefits are immense, effectively killing two birds with one stone. Questions simply need to be tweaked to get more tangible customer sentiment rather than simple yes or no answers, such as “How do you feel about the branding changes we’ve made of late?” Or “Do you think we are answering your questions with our in-store communications?” By taking this approach, not only will you meet two objectives, but you’ll also save money in the process.

You can use VoC to connect closely with your customers and how they experience your brand. Contact Interact RDT today and we’ll show you how.


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