Charmin NYC Restrooms

by | May 18, 2009 | Assorted

One of the coolest experiential marketing campaigns I’ve ever seen is undoubtedly the Charmin NYC Restroom Experience. The idea was conceptualised and implemented by a company Gigunda as a means to provide consumers to interact with the Charmin brand in a really meaningful way.

The NYC restrooms had some amazing results:

  • An average of 10,400 visitors per day (more than the Statue of Lberty!)
  • A total of 428,328 families that visited
  • 464,600,000 media impressions
  • Coined the “Disneyland of Restrooms” by the NY Times
  • Multiples airings on every major US TV Network
  • 400 user generated videos posted on YouTube
  • An average brand interaction of 22 uninterupted minutes per visitor

Make sure you check out the Charmin NYC Restrooms video (courtesy Gigunda).