We Use Research, Strategy & Design To Create User Experiences That Build Meaningful Connections With Your Customers


Our UX techniques apply behavioural science to user experience allowing us to design human-centred, engaging digital products.

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How Do We Improve UX

& Create Engaging Digital Products?

We immerse ourselves in your business and engage with your users and employees to understand what the ideal user experience should be. We then develop a strategy for the transformation of your digital service or product. Finally, we help you execute on it.


It’s All About Your Users

Through our three-step evaluation process, we can discover an average of 90% of usability issues within a digital interface, derived straight from users that match your target market. Using these insights, we can ensure that your digital products are market-ready on release and more importantly – catered to the needs of your users.

We Review

An Expert Assesses Your Interface

Our experts will consult with you and review your interface to better understand its objectives, functions and known issues. We will put together a research plan and will also determine the best UX methodology to use in order to accomplish your goals.

We Test

Where Is The User Experiencing Issues?

To understand this, we recruit users applicable to your target market and specific needs. This is where the fun starts! We put these users in front of your interface and observe their behaviour, while measuring usage and other data. You will also be able to observe the tests using our state-of-the-art testing facilities. This is hands down the best way for your team to fully grasp and visually see how users navigate and interact with your interface.

Our Favoured Approaches:

  • Paper Prototype Testing
  • Benchmarking
  • Quick Function Testing
  • Agile Testing
  • Usability Testing 

We Analyse

Where The Magic Happens

Once we have concluded the tests, our researchers measure performance by analysing multiple metrics, such as task times, task success rates, mouse clicks, etc. Most importantly, they will determine what went wrong and provide insights into your user’s overall behaviour.

We Recommend

Useful and Useable

Once our analysis is complete we provide you with recommendations that are understandable, clear and concise. The recommendations are grouped into relevant categories and sorted by ease of implementation.

UX Strategy

Workshops That Matter

No matter where you are in the lifecycle, our agile UX process can integrate seamlessly. We run strategic UX workshops with your team to implement change that drives a user-centric digital experience for all users.

A New Perspective

From The Outside In

Interact RDT’s team of UI and UX experts provide valuable UX feedback to improve the user experience. We also conduct engaging workshops with your teams to help you implement changes identified within the user testing process.

You will have an Interact expert at your disposal to help you craft memorable experiences that meet both user and business objectives. This will be the same person that conducted user testing, so they will already be very familiar with the behaviour of your users.



UX & UI Design

Using Both To Entice Users

What makes digital products and services stand out, is not only a pretty interface, but an experience that meets the needs of a user. We bring your users feedback into the design process to make informed decisions that help us craft elegant, functional experiences. It’s these complete experiences that will make your users come back, time and time again.

Pure UX

UX Is Not UI

Unlike many agencies who often overlook the vast differences between UX and UI, our team of specialist UX researchers focus on one thing: your user, and crafting custom experiences that will satisfy their needs. This prevents other departments derailing the UX design process and provides you with a pure UX expert opinion you can trust to carry your interface to the next level.


Skills Management For Your Internal Teams

With the fast-paced scaling of digital projects, resources need to be flexible, while preventing risk to the project outcome. Working with a partner who understands your business not only saves you time, but also leads to improved UX deliverables. We place experienced resources within your business, who become a part of your team. They will consistently offer an objective viewpoint and an independent voice for your customers, resulting in you no longer worrying about resources, capacity or workload.

It’s Scalable & Cost Effective

Saving You Time & Money

Our resourcing ensures that your business can scale without having to increase permanent headcounts. It also allows development to be agile in nature, responsive to a changing world, without the fixed and long-term commitment of permanent staff.

Typically, project-by-project resourcing is more expensive than a fixed-term retainer. Booking time in advance saves money, compared to budgeting projects one at a time. A retainer also negates scope-creep issues from a time and budget perspective because our resource is based on-site.

Clients That Have Conducted UX Projects With Us

” My experience working with Interact has been overwhelmingly positive. They are efficient, meet timelines and produce quality research outputs and facilitate great insights from user testing. They are also willing to adjust their ways of working to accommodate specific requirements from myself or my team. They are also well priced when you compare them with competing companies, specifically for moderated usability testing.”
“Interact RDT have partnered with Santam for a number of years across insights and digital. They have successfully completed a number of UX and UX related projects for my team over the last 3 years and assisted us in driving a more client-centric approach to digital development.”
“We have worked with Interact RDT for a number of years and they have an in-depth knowledge of our business through this long engagement. Their attention to detail as well as providing us with wide-ranging services; from usability assessments, focus groups, usability research projects as such the Self Service landscape review; has been very useful.”
“The team’s professionalism, work ethic and expertise in the research industry have made Interact RDT one of our preferred service providers in generating client and consumer insights in Retail Investments and Online User Experience (UX). It is indeed a privilege and pleasure to partner with the team at Interact RDT.”

Create an engaging user experience. We’ll show you how.

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Our Popular UX Solutions

  • Information Architecture Design
  • Wireframe Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • UI & Functional Specifications
  • UI Prototyping
  • Expert UX Reviews
  • Competitor Reviews
  • Online Usability Testing
  • Paper Prototype Testing
  • A/B Testing