About Us.

We are a team of mavericks, oddballs and changemakers

We are proud to be a catalyst for customer experience brilliance through expertise, innovation, and results.


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Meet Our Founders.

Dave Benjamin, CEO

Dave is a mad scientist, skilled in the art of customer experience. He’s fast thinking, quick-witted and insatiably curious. He loves gadgets, and is obsessed with all things Apple. When Dave isn’t busy balancing the management of Interact RDT with his more philanthropic endeavours, you’ll find him whizzing through Joburg on his Ducati.

Gary Greenfield, MD

Gary likes to think of himself as the only sane one in the office, but the truth is that it takes a true maverick to keep the wheels of Interact turning. Gary may appear pragmatic, objective and the picture of logic – but if you’re lucky enough to hear one of his ‘back in the day’ stories, you’ll know it’s just an act.

Our Partners.

Our outcomes based approach to insights is supported by quality tools and partnerships.

A complete cloud software solution for business transformation and collaboration. Ideate innovation-leading solutions in real time, manage agile workflows, and store and share all supporting documents and images with cutting-edge features that keep you ahead of the curve.

A feedback management tool that allows us to timeously generate smart and powerful insights for our clients. The unique two-way dialogue generates an understanding of all stakeholder needs. This in turn allows for real-time feedback and instant innovation to ensure ongoing satisfied stakeholders.

  • A consumer insights platform, panel management and analysis tool.
    Tailor-made insights solutions.
  • A combination of agile research processes through automation as well as proven research methodology.
  • Seamless integration of insights solutions into business processes.

Our Clients.

We’re proud to partner with a suite of incredible clients to refine and innovate their experience journeys.


” My experience working with Interact has been overwhelmingly positive. They are efficient, meet timelines and produce quality research outputs and facilitate great insights from user testing. They are also willing to adjust their ways of working to accommodate specific requirements from myself or my team. They are also well priced when you compare them with competing companies, specifically for moderated usability testing.”