Is brand experience (BX) just a fancy new name for customer success?

by | Nov 29, 2022 | Brand Experience

And how has BX changed post-pandemic?

Every business wants to be the bee’s knees, but it’s easier said than done, right?

Oberlo states that 88% of consumers feel brand authenticity is an important determiner. Fair enough. We all hope our favourite store doesn’t have a secret, smoke-filled money laundering operation bustling along in the store room.

BX trends can be a bit extreme

But Oberlo also states that a signature colour increases brand recognition by 80%… Wait, really? How is Bob the Builder supposed to know Karen’s favourite colour?

Yes, there are marketing psychics who understand the psychology behind a colour palette, but not all organisations have the resources for that type of marketing.

So what’s the solution? Do we guess Karen’s favourite colour? No. We build a BX that delivers on promises, customer experience (CX), user experience (UX), and employee experience (EX). Yes, your employees have a seat at this table, too!

Is BX the new customer success?

Nope. Although business experience should involve customer experience, it’s a much broader concept. Think of it this way:

You have a tiny biltong shop in a strip mall. You’ve done your research (obviously) and know that there are four other biltong shops in the area. But people are going nuts about your biltong.

Why? Sure it tastes great, and it’s reasonably priced, if not the cheapest, but what makes people buy biltong from your little shop instead of the others?

You don’t just have great-tasting biltong at reasonable prices, but you cure it in-store, giving it a fresher vibe. Your staff are genuinely friendly to customers and make an effort to engage them. You also sell coffee, giving your shop the best aroma known to man. Last but not least, your store is right next to a grocery store that, let’s be honest, sells stringy “meh” biltong.

Let’s break it down, shall we?

  • Customer experience: Genuinely friendly staff? Check. Irresistible coffee aroma?Check. Eco-friendly packaging? Check. Perfectly situated for pre- or post-shopping? Check. Freshly cured? Check.

  • User experience: It’s not stringy (unless it should be) and has minimal nasty sinews and tendons for people to choke on, with the perfect balance of spices that don’t turn tongues into saltpans.

  • Employee experience: Your staff wouldn’t be genuinely friendly if they had a horrible work experience.

  • Brand experience: Friendly, warm, fresh, accommodating, convenient, environmentally conscious, yummy, authentic, familiar, etc.

Mic drop.

Not the “what”, but the “how”

BX is about how you align your brand promise to your brand output.

Saying you have the best biltong in town with a heartfelt backstory involving your grandfather and a few unlucky farm animals is okay. But it’s an entirely different story to reflect that narrative in how you treat suppliers, employees, and customers.

You need to inject the kind of customer you want into the design of your brand and the journey toward reaching a successful outcome.

Remember, every customer experience is different, but the business experience remains your brand’s constant and timeless flavour. And everything you do in between builds on that flavour.

Customers don’t buy products

Here are a few BX trends to consider post-pandemic:

  1. Make it personal: Communicate locally and precisely to target specific customer segments based on situations and relevance.

  2. Max out on quality: Every single thing your customer touches must glow, from your website to your social media pages, packaging, in-store vibes, and beyond.

  3. Be consistent: You can’t afford a business identity crisis. Maintain the same voice, tone, and quality, and stick to your guns.

  4. Prioritise convenience: People aren’t in the mood for over-selling, walking far, or waiting half a century for delivery. They appreciate the little comforts that make their lives easier.

  5. Highlight your humanness: In a digital world, your customers and employees want to feel like they’re directly spoken to and understood.

  6. Create a BX blueprint: If this is all Greek to you, break it up into pieces on a mind map, or ask the professionals to help. We’re those professionals.


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