A Brand They Can’t Refuse

by | Nov 2, 2022 | Customer Experience

How to build a bulletproof brand experience this November

You know the year has run its course when tinsel, fairy lights, and festive music are everywhere. But before we brace ourselves for the festive season, a subtle breeze of the highly-anticipated Black Friday frenzy looms over brands’ heads.

It’s coming – and fast. So, if it’s not too late already, BX should be top of mind as we enter silly season

The be-all and end-all of any client-facing business

BX encompasses everything your business is, does, will do, and has done.

So you basically have user experience (UX), customer experience (CX), and brand identity carefully wrapped into a BX sushi roll. Sound appetising? It should…that’s the point.

Forget brick-and-mortar; we want the whole experience

The pandemic unleashed an atomic bomb on customer expectations. Previously, customers were happy to do “normal” in-store and online shopping at their discretion, but now they want mind-blowing experiences for both.

In other words, if I’m going to creep out of my hermit cave and make an effort to travel to the store, I want psychics filling my basket with everything I need that is on promotion.

But, if I choose your online store above all others, I want my package exotically wrapped (for the un-boxing vid) in eco-friendly banana leaves with same-day delivery by a unicorn. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Don’t fret, we got strategy

Here are seven Black Friday trends to consider adding to your BX strategy this year:

  1. Make it count(down): Rotating hourly deals create urgency, excitement, and curiosity to buy or check back later. Don’t forget the countdown clock!
  2. Bundle up: Buy more, save more bundles are great motivators for bulk purchases.
  3. Early-bird and scavenger deals: Offer pre-taster discounts before Black Friday, then surprise customers with limited-time offers for a few days after.
  4. A little more goes a long way: Give customers a mystery gift with their purchase to show your appreciation.
  5. Social media today, tomorrow, forever: Promote your Black Friday promotions on social media way in advance to plant the deal seed.
  6. Over-kill the messenger: Send announcement emails with promotions, gift ideas, and deal timelines.
  7. Go beyond the tinsel: Make sure your website matches the in-store décor. In fact, go all out on the digital icing to initiate excitement.
  8. BONUS: Spruce-up your BX to ensure customers remember your brand. Chat to us; we can help!