Remote UX Testing Continues With Interact

by | Apr 15, 2020 | User Experience

Interact has always been a leader in terms of international research methodologies and UX testing trends. Remote UX testing is part of our suit of research capabilities we offer our clients. Remote user research allows our clients to continue enjoying the benefits of being able to view the testing remotely without needing to leave their own offices. Furthermore, it allows design teams to get the insights they need without costly in-person testing. In today’s current lock down conditions, our early adoption and experience of these techniques in the past leaves us ahead of the curve.

Are you aware of the benefits of remote live UX testing:

  • Test anyone anywhere: Participants can use their own personal desktop or mobile devices wherever they are by means of a live link that also allows for screen sharing.
  • Our software records the participants facial reactions as well as their screen interaction for detailed understanding and insights
  • We can accommodate moderated remote user research and remote in-depth interviews, as well as unmoderated self-testing
  • No cameras or expensive hardware required.
  • Team members and stakeholders can watch interviews in real time in the privacy of their own offices while collaborating with others on the project.
  • Cloud stored interviews are available at any time for reviewing with time stamped notes available to highlights important moments during sessions.

Interact is able to support all your UX testing requirements.

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