Check In With Your Employees

by | Apr 14, 2020 | Customer Experience

The world has become an uncertain place. The health crisis brought by the global spread of Covid-19 does not stand alone. The pandemic has brought with it a myriad of social, economic, political, and mental/emotional problems. With the world in lock down, many people experience feelings that impact on their emotional and mental well-being. These may include loneliness, health fears, anxiety about the world tomorrow and when they will reunite with loved ones, as well as insecurities about being able to fulfil their job roles.

People are isolated, no longer surrounded by familiar environments and colleagues that bring feelings of connectedness, safety, security and support. “Our employees are our greatest asset. Whilst we are all focused on keeping our businesses functioning, it is just as important to check in with your employees and make sure that they are okay ” says Gary, MD of InteractRDT.  The most important thing for companies to do right now is to focus on ensuring a compassionate employee experience.

With a strong focus on emotional agility companies need to communicate with their employees, provide a platform for them to voice their worries and concerns and get feedback from them about their health and wellbeing. Your employees need to feel genuinely supported, cared about and informed. They need to trust that the company leads will get them through this in the best way possible.

 Some important and common concerns include:

  • How long is the lockdown going to last
  • General feelings of health and staying up to date with health and safety guidelines
  • How to access medical care
  • Healthcare and wellbeing benefits available at this time
  • Self-care and tips on how to manage stress and anxiety and feelings of loneliness/isolation
  • Info about the impact the pandemic is having on our work lives.
  • Job security, performance, and financial concerns
  • Changes to work policies and practices have been clearly communicated
  • Access to necessary systems to continue to work effectively
  • General concerns about topics that are circulating about Covid-19 which have not yet happened
  • Keeping a routine, physical activity and blurred lines between work, family and self during this time in lockdown


Interact can offer you 2 surveys to assist at this time.

  1.  Health and wellbeing survey for your remote workforce
  2.  Working effectively during Covid-19 pandemic survey


Be in touch. Support your people. Support your business.


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