Build A Customer Experience Driven Business In 2019

by | Jan 16, 2019 | Customer Experience

You’ve heard about customer experience, maybe you’re still on the fence about it, but the evidence to support its importance is there! Customers hold all the cards. They know how to wield their power to get what they want, and if you want to impress them, you need to get on board with how they think and what they expect.

Building a customer experience driven business is an essential route to your business’s success, so we’re here to show you exactly how to do that in 2019.

Strategy Is Your Direction

Don’t go into customer experience with a plan of action. Develop a proper strategy that can be referred to by all teams involved. By creating a customer experience strategy that involves the entire organization, its easier for individuals and teams to buy into the new way of thinking and operating. It also underlines everyone’s roles and responsibilities in bringing proper CX implementation to life.

Develop Your Brand Promise

A brand promise is exactly what it sounds like: it’s the essence of what your customers can expect from you. By having a clear brand promise you can always align your work with the promise to ensure you are delivering exactly to your customers’ expectations. The brand promise should be detailed enough so that it’s not misleading, and it should guide all stakeholders in their efforts.

Engage Your Teams

Once your team know the brand promise inside out and has studied the strategy and understands their role in how it unfolds; it’s time to ensure that they are fully engaged in what they have to do to deliver on the promise and the strategy. No matter their role, from product packer to manager, each position in the business is an integral part of the customer experience and the people responsible need to own this. Treating employees fairly, being open, honest and transparent, and also ensuring they are properly taken care of financially, will go a long way to ensuring they work hard for the brand and its customers.

Give Profitable Customers Some Extra Love

All businesses will have brand advocates, who support the brand wholeheartedly and always speak keenly of them. These people also spend a lot of money with the business and are a major contributing factor to the overall success. These customers deserve a little additional love and attention over and above the everyday customer – who is also incredibly important and special! Focusing on loyalty drivers is a great way to ensure your most loyal customers stay that way. Some examples of how you can offer extra love to these customers include:

  • Personalised vouchers based on shopping preferences
  • Personalised notifications giving customers a heads up about a sale on an item they purchase frequently
  • Queuing up a customer’s most-loved products on the home page of an online shop

Seamless Access

Seamless is a word used so often to describe user experience, because it defines a smooth, easy and intuitive experience from start to finish. There are no gaps or boundaries in the way, which results in a customer feeling satisfied and rewarded. Customers want easy access to everything they need, which includes having a helpful person at the end of the phone, being able to engage in LiveChat and having their questions answered, being able to move through a transaction without having to wonder about any of the steps that need to be taken. They want to know their every whim is catered to in a trouble-free manner.

Use Data To Build Loyalty

Data can tell you so much about your customers if you use it in the right way. It can give you all the insight you need to create tailored loyalty offerings that suit the individual, rather than try and cater to a broad mass of people with different interests. Understand how they use your technology, what their preferences are and how you can tap into that to help them enjoy a better experience.

These are only a few ways that you can build your customer experience and leverage off the purchasing habits of your most loyal patrons.

If you’re still undecided about how you can implement a proper customer experience strategy in 2019, speak to us and we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you. Get in touch.


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