Ebook: The Importance Of Design Thinking In Market Research For Brand Building

by | Oct 29, 2018 | Ebooks & Downloads, Market Research

Design thinking is a process for creative problem solving and a creative approach to conducting research. It’s the place where logic and design intersect to build innovative solutions. Learn more about design thinking and market research in our new ebook.

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Behavioural Design: Influencing User Actions through UX

Behavioural design transforms user experience by leveraging psychological insights to subtly influence actions. Through techniques like nudging, gamification, and personalisation, designers create engaging, habit-forming digital experiences. Ethical considerations are paramount, ensuring transparency and user autonomy. Discover how behavioural design drives user satisfaction and loyalty.

Revolutionizing Banking: The Power of CX in Financial Services

In the rapidly evolving financial services sector, prioritizing customer experience (CX) is crucial. By embracing digital transformation, enhancing personalization, and leveraging AI, banks can significantly boost customer satisfaction, loyalty, and long-term growth. Discover the top CX strategies revolutionizing banking in 2024.