How Will AI Benefit UX and Personalisation?

by | Oct 16, 2018 | User Experience

Personalisation is a key component of user experience that most businesses actively use. Being able to deliver personalised experiences that cater to your users’ preferences and immediate needs is key to customer satisfaction. Yet personalised, human messaging isn’t always scalable, especially for small businesses. This is where AI is making personalisation easier. How will personalisation benefit UX, specifically?

AI Allows Helpful Rather Than Creepy Personalisation

Offline, in daily life, it isn’t necessarily creepy if a stranger in line starts talking to you. Yet online, random, uninitiated interactions can feel creepy. Or else they’re simply distracting and interruptive. The benefit of AI is that it allows you to create trust-building (rather than trust-eroding) personalised interactions. You can create an AI chatbot, for example, that initiates a conversation at precisely the moment where users struggle, historically, with completing a certain task.

AI Allows Less Intrusive Personalisation

Many website visitors feel uneasy when display network ads from sites they’ve visited crop up on other sites. It’s because the Internet feels a lot more private than it is and this makes it clear that it’s not. AI makes the personalisation aspect of UX less intrusive. Instead of glaring network ads, you can use AI that, for example, remembers a signed in customer’s preferences or past choices and reorders information or messaging priority accordingly. This way, customers’ interaction with AI support or automated messaging feels more natural and less intrusive.

Further AI Benefits

Further Artificial Intelligence benefits include being able to design smart web stores and websites that are responsive not only to users’ preferred devices but personal preferences too. Through feeding personalisation data back into your website or app (e.g. a user’s specified purpose for using your multi-purpose service), you can make your design evolve in real time to respond to users’ behaviour. This helps customers get to markers of customer success quicker, making the customer journey a more pleasing experience overall.

Although older methods for determining the best way to meet users’ needs, such as doing A/B testing, have their place, newer Artificial Intelligence solutions will help you deliver a website or app that is responsive in every sense of the word.

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