How Customer Journey Mapping Creates Rewarding Experiences

by | Oct 2, 2018 | Customer Experience

Customers have high expectations and these are constantly growing as they realise the power of their choices and how brands need to work to win them over. Customer experience has become a massive part of how customers pick and choose their products or services, and its up to the business owner to ensure that they are meeting the customers requirements and levels of satisfaction.

Using data gleaned from customer activity and interactions we can start to understand how customers act, why, when and where, and we can turn this into meaningful information by using customer journey mapping. This will give you the understanding you need to better deliver tailored experiences to your customers.

1. Truly Understand Your Customers

The customer’s journey is the basis for your business, so it’s important to understand each step along the way. By mapping out the customer journey you are able to analyse the complete experience from start to finish in the eyes of your customer. Different customers will have different experiences and you will visually be able to see each one, the various touchpoints encountered and the actions taken from there.

2. Identify Problems And Create Solutions

Using customer journey mapping, you can identify areas in the process where customers encounter problems. These could be due to inconsistencies, bugs, flaws in the user experience or any number of things. By pursuing these issues and finding the most appropriate way to solve them, you’re using data driven information to act in the best interests of the customer. This will help you create an experience that best suits the customer’s intents and purposes.

3. Reduce Costs

Isolate ineffective activity that damages your business and ends up costing more money. Unnecessary processes that require additional resources can be identified using customer journey mapping, and streamlined in order to become more effective. These resources can also be put to better use in areas where additional assistance is required, thus making the most of all internal systems that save money.

4. Introduce Omni-Channel Experiences

Brands need to work hard to ensure complete alignment of all channels used in the customer journey. Using customer journey mapping, the brand can identify where each channel should begin and end. As technology leans more towards the use of artificial intelligence and chatbots, this point holds more weight. Linking different channels allows the brand to expand its reach, but its imperative that each channel still continues the conversation, regardless of the number of touchpoints involved.

5. The Personal Touch

Adding a personal touch to your customer journey mapping process is quite simple and it will offer much deeper insight. It’s a huge advantage in itself, but you can take it even further by identifying how to improve the overall experience for your customer using what you know they want and appreciate. You can also take different customer journeys and isolate why they differ and it what areas. This could highlight an area that needs attention or some more direction for the customer.

Customer journey mapping is an opportunity for you to walk the same path as your customer, to understand them and their buying behaviours. It’s the closest you’ll get to experiencing what your customer experiences and how you can improve on this.

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