Meeting The Expectations Of Omni-Channel Customers Of Today

by | Aug 2, 2018 | Customer Experience

Meeting The Expectations Of Omni-Channel Customers Of Today

The customer of today is using all resources available to ensure they are maximising on their experiences. From mobile applications to in-store activations to AI assistants to customer support, the omni-channel customer is everywhere. Are you – as a business – there too? Customers may be connecting with you at multiple different touchpoints, but they still expect nothing less than a full-bodied, personalised experience. Watered-down versions of your customer experience strategy on lesser-used channels will not cut it.

Even though many businesses already know this, let’s face it, it is still difficult to deliver on, but the rewards in adopting a solid omni-channel strategy can only speak for themselves. According to research conducted by Aspect Software, “Businesses that adopt omni-channel strategies achieve 91% greater year-over-year customer retention rates compared to business that don’t.” Can you afford to be without a solid omni-channel customer strategy?

Where Businesses Are Failing To Implement Customer Experience

It’s not that businesses don’t believe in implementing customer experience strategies, it’s that they don’t know how. That coupled with the fact that they are finding it difficult to measure customer experience or analyse the data that reflects what their customers are doing, especially given that they are reaching the business from multiple directions. By not fully understanding the customer journey and each channel it touches, it becomes difficult to report on it. The information is all there, but it’s not being utilised effectively to improve the business’s standing.

It’s vital for marketers to gain a handle on this because each customer touchpoint is an opportunity to reach out to them and offer them assistance or insight. Not being able to spot these touchpoints on all available channels is the first issue that needs to be overcome, and then measuring the success of each touchpoint and the interaction thereto needs to be managed next. This also needs to tie in with the business goals and revenue by assigning a value to each touchpoint.

Potential Solutions For Overcoming Customer Experience Obstacles

Businesses that are using a siloed approach to marketing will feel the pain in implementing successful customer experience strategies much more than those who consolidate and share customer data with all internal teams. The tools used to measure, analyse and report on customer data also need to be consolidated so that there is a clear view of the full customer journey for all to see and understand. Mapping out responsibility and key focus areas become much easier if all parties involved can see where their level of responsibility can positively or negatively impact that of their peers.

This information then becomes the key driver of activity within the business and it’s accessible to all and applicable to all. This unified view will then give marketers the opportunity to see where they can add value and where they can connect with the customer. It will change continuously as the customer evolves, and as such so too will the actions taken by each person involved in inciting positive interactions.

Is your business geared up for delivering engagement at each customer touchpoint? It’s an initial undertaking, but the resultant benefit will far outweigh the work involved to get your strategies aligned.

Let us help you get started. Contact Interact RDT today to start mapping out a watertight omni-channel customer experience strategy.


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