How Customers Are Using Research To Guide Their Decisions

by | Jul 31, 2018 | Market Research

Customers are becoming more informed by using their smartphones to further their experiences. Using in-depth research, customers are now equipping themselves with all the information they need in order to make a purchase, when taking up a service or prior to an event or trying something new.

Real-time research is now a major component of the customer experience and it’s proving that customers are seeking out valuable information, interaction and personal experiences that relate to their options. Often, customers are preceding a purchase or an interaction with on-the-spot research that is helping them become excited about what they are venturing towards. They are fleshing out the entire journey, thereby giving brands an opportunity to engage with them in a much more meaningful way in these primary phases of their personal research.

By fully understanding their behaviour, you are able to add further touchpoints to your sales or marketing funnels in a bid to help them through the experience seamlessly and armed with everything they need and want to know.

1. Customers Use Research To Get The Best Value For Money

A customer will ensure they do adequate research to ensure that the deal they are taking advantage of is the best for their needs. They have a query, a need or a desire and they want to find the best means possible to answer it. Their research is solutions-driven and in finding the right answers to their questions, they give themselves the confidence to buy or take part.

2. Customers Use Research To Put Their Minds At Ease

Following on from point 1, customers will do as much research as is necessary to rest at ease in the knowledge that they are not being taken advantage of. With so many options available and plenty of swindlers and fly-by-night operators, it’s important for them to know they’re dealing with reputable businesses that deliver on expectations. They have backed up their concerns with relevant information, putting themselves in a position where they feel safe in their decision.

3. Customers Use Research To Build Excitement

Think about when you have a big holiday coming up at some exotic destination. You’ve booked the flights and paid for the accommodation, now you start doing the research into what activities to partake in while you’re there, the different restaurants available and what additional items you might need to take with you.

Think about the beginning stages of your journey before you bought the tickets. You researched the hotels, available package deals and possibly sourced the best value for money for what you wanted to do. This research has got you excited and helped you make a connection to the experience prior to leaving or even booking.

How Brands Can Help Customers Improve Their Experiences

Brands can help customers navigate through their research by recognising that the experience actually begins a lot sooner in the customer journey than we initially thought. Rather than be fully focused on getting customers to convert, brands need to focus on the engagement of the customer in the early stages of their experience. This in turn will lead to enhanced experiences, of which potential conversion will become a byproduct.

By remembering that these customers are research-driven, brands can communicate their support and advice in a neutral way to help them answer questions and solve problems. It’s also an opportunity for brands to encourage excitement about their potential purchases. Providing the right information in an organised manner will help set customers’ minds at ease, but will still keep the power in their hands.

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