Superb Customer Experience: How to Level Up your CX

by | Feb 7, 2018 | Customer Experience

Customer-listening has become a crucial component of feedback cycles that help companies improve their products and services. However, many companies struggle to glean more than a basic index of customer satisfaction. This often means businesses spend more time placating unhappy customers than preventing churn-increasing experiences from the start.

How do you transform customer experience (CX) so that you naturally facilitate better customer satisfaction and retention? By valuing VOC (voice-of-consumer).

Why Is It Crucial To Harvest VOC From Touch-Points?

Many companies struggle to determine where exactly in the customer journey their customers are jumping off the wagon. Knowing what customers love and hate (and the intensity with which they love or hate features in your service or product) is key to delivering a better customer experience.

The keyword here is ‘customer-centric’. Rather than focusing on what you want to tell customers, but rather using what customers are telling you to help determine patterns and trends in the customer journey. This can help you take active steps to shift the trends and patterns that simply don’t work.

The Three Ingredients Of Great Customer Experience

The first core ingredient of good CX is ‘capacity’. Understanding what the scope of your business’ service is helps focus your efforts on capturing (and serving the needs of) customer segments that fit what you offer best.

The second core ingredient of good CX is ‘competence’. Does your business have the necessary competence, at all levels, to address gaps in CX and start pre-empting pitfalls in the customer’s journey? Moreover, do you have the competence to fix these gaps and pitfalls? For example, do employees have the communication and tech skills necessary to solve the modern customer’s issues with your product or service?

The third core ingredient is ‘capability’. In what ways is your business more capable, more able to help customers in ways that competitors fail? Do you communicate your unique selling points (USPs) to customers well enough?

Once you’ve addressed these three organisational aspects that are key to delivering great CX, you can start transforming your customers’ journey.

How To Transform Your Company’s CX

To begin levelling up your customer experience, here are the first steps:

  1. Think of the whole

Customer experience is a complete journey involving all wings of your business, from developers to customer support professionals. Determine employees current capabilities and where upskilling may be needed for future-proofing your business.

  1. Create shared commitment to better CX

Getting all departments and employees on board is key to improving CX. Encourage every member of staff to be a customer-centric CX champion.

  1. Emphasize customer success stories

Sharing customer success stories inspire and motivates staff to maintain focus on delivering better, customer-centric service. Include positive customer touchpoints in meetings and regularly share customer experiences, in customers’ own voices, in meetings.

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