Five Areas to Assess for Better Customer Relationships

by | Jan 22, 2018 | Customer Experience

Dealing with customers isn’t always easy. Sometimes customers are exceedingly hard to please, and even obnoxious. Yet poor customer service is equally dissatisfying, and negatively impacts revenue per visitor. To value customers and deliver a better customer experience, here are five areas you should assess:

Customers’ Interactions With Your Brand Beyond Human Touchpoints

This point is particularly important if you have an app or digital service that requires users to ‘find their own way’ to an extent. When your customers interact with your product while you’re not around, things can go wrong. If you aren’t measuring where (and why) things go wrong and customers churn, these are missed opportunities for actionable insights.

Customer Satisfaction With Employee Touchpoints

Sometimes drop-offs don’t happen in-app or while customers are using your product, but rather through unsatisfying touchpoints with employees. Even if the issue is unintentional and could be resolved with further employee training, you first need to know there is an issue to act.

Self-Directed Payment Management And Client Portals

When customers or clients must rely on email or live chat support for every task, it’s a minefield for dissatisfying customer relationships. Delayed or unhelpful replies will only frustrate customers teetering on the brink of churning. Instead, determine whether you need a better client portal where existing customers can manage aspects such as billing for subscription products or private order histories. Make it easy for customers to attain essential information related to their dealings with you. You can also monitor what actions clients most commonly take via your portal and use these insights to make improvements that reduce churn.


Besides the above areas, it’s also important to assess how effective personalisation elements are. Customers shouldn’t feel like you’re simply trying to squeeze them for a paycheque. Happy customers feel as though they are being supported towards their own, independent goals. Personalise your service by offering clients’ action or time-based rewards and discounts, and respond. Another way to offer better customer experience is to share personalised learning materials (for example webinars or eBooks) tailored to different customer segments’ specific challenges.

Lifetime Customer Value

To truly build great customer relationships, it’s important to understand lifetime value and what actions and touchpoints assist higher lifetime value. Retaining customers is key since it’s far easier to sell to existing customers than brand new ones whose trust is naturally at a lower point. Create incentives for existing users or buyers to purchase more of the same. Choose marketing channels you can scale and focus on ways to increase customer value, via better customer experience, in these channels. Expand to others once these have grown in profitability.

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