Creating Great CX through Engaged Employees

by | Jan 16, 2018 | Customer Experience

Great customer experience is the holy grail of business. After all, if the customer journey is satisfying and helps the customer achieve success, they’re far more likely to become a loyal customer, even a brand ambassador. How do you create better customer experiences, though? Start with engaged employees. Here are reasons why engaged employees are essential for CX:

Engaged Employees Needs And Interests Align With Customers’ Own

Engaged employees who feel empowered create engaged customers. That’s because they care about what your business does and find value in the role they play in operations. Engaged employees who understand your company’s vision are better able to translate this vision into their interactions with customers and meet their intent.

Engaged Employees Are The Most Productive

Engaged employees who are committed to their work are motivated. Their ability to self-motivate, their eagerness to fulfil their important company roles (and even go beyond them) is an asset. Especially engaged employees are more likely to recommend their employers’ products and services, more likely to work after hours on time-sensitive projects, and are more likely to be proactive about solving operational challenges.

More Engaged Employees Help Companies Perform Better Financially

Prior studies have found that companies that demonstrate stronger financial results tend to have moderate to highly engaged employees. By contrast, companies, where there isn’t a culture of employee ownership and investment, tend to perform worse financially.

So how can companies engage employees?

Do Better Employee Onboarding

Ensuring new employees not only understand their job and performance expectations but value it by an understanding company and individual objectives ensure more engaged employees. This process can be fun, and employees feel empowered when given the information and training they need to excel.

Offer Employees Development Programmes

Investing in your people is a guaranteed way to encourage employee responsibility and ownership. When employees grow, it benefits your business besides. Offer to coach, mentoring and training that will pay off for your CX in the long term.

Reinforce Employees’ Sense Of Purpose

Understanding company strategy and direction is key to employee engagement. Many employees cannot even identify their own company’s strategy correctly out of multiple choice questionnaires. Allow employees to contribute to strategy document brainstorming sessions so that they feel part of the decision-making process. Give employees the training, information and assistance to help them find their individual purposes within the company. Reward and incentivise excellence as it will translate into the better customer experience.


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