Five Ways Social Media Data Helps Market Researchers

by | Jan 11, 2018 | Market Research

Before the advent of social media, market researchers had to rely on other channels, from focus groups to email surveys. Now, however, marketers have abundant online communities to tap into consumer discussions about brands and products. Here are five ways social media data is making it easier to gain actionable insights:

Social Media Data Can Be Integrated With Traditional Research

Because it’s not an ‘either or’ situation, market researchers can take insights gathered from social media and incorporate them into the research mix. Other in-house data sources, together with social media, give more diverse data points. What this means is market researchers can now make more informed, more immediate suggestions based on ongoing consumer conversations.

Social Media Data Gives Actionable Language Insights

Through social media data market researchers can uncover language to use in surveys and even product or service branding. Through social listening and text analysis, researchers learn about consumers’ positive valuations and can suggest copy and other messaging changes aligned to the voice of the consumer. For example, if many consumers mention liking a household cleaning product’s fragrance on social media, this becomes data the brand can use in benefit language to strengthen positive sentiment about the product.

It Allows Tracking Shifting Consumer Connotations

Before a watershed moment (like a recession), consumers might use words like ‘cheap’ with a negative connotation, yet after these landmark moments the same words might be used more positively. When times are tough economically, ‘cheap’ can become a positive value. By analysing conversations on social media, market researchers can keep abreast of what words are ‘in’ and what words are ‘out’, and make recommendations to copywriting teams accordingly.

Social Media Data Allows Easier Research For Brand Reputation Management

Consumers don’t hold back on social media when talking about brands. The abundance of data makes it easier for researchers to monitor the conversation and identify and predict what changes companies can make to enhance their brand reputations.

It Enables Conversation Starters With Social Media Influencers

Because market researchers can now harness social media data to understand feelings about different aspects of brands in the digital space, they are able to harness insights that companies can apply to activating influencers on social media. If, for example, consumers appear unsure of a brand’s youth credibility, it’s easier for researchers to gather data points reflecting these beliefs and encourage brands to activate young influencers who can increase positive perceptions among younger members of a target market segment.
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