Five Ways Customer Care and CX are Merging

by | Sep 20, 2017 | Customer Experience

Customer care has seen constant innovation in recent years, from sophisticated chatbots that provide real-time assistance with customers’ challenges to augmented reality integrations that enable customers to use digital aids in real-world environs. Businesses are constantly looking at new ways to merge customer care with good customer experiences. Here are five ways this continues to develop:


Instant Contact At The Right Moment

Thanks to a more integrative approach to customer care and experience, businesses are now able to offer customers quality customer care via multiple channels. A customer might be logged into an app in one browser window while getting support via social media in another. Personalised, on-demand support has become easier to obtain, making it possible to make customer care a real-time rather than reactive component of CX.


Service-Orientated Support

In both customer experience and customer support, service is no. 1. Poor service equates to a worse customer experience, whereas a positive service experience builds brand loyalty. Because of the changing landscape of customer engagement, businesses now have multiple touch points, on multiple channels, where loyalty can be built consistently.


An Integrative, Combined-Channel Approach Is Key

Now that customer care is such an integral part of the customer experience (as in-app messaging, chat bots and other technology makes customer engagement simpler and faster), more businesses are having to master the multi-channel support experience. Because customers can make feedback public on social media, businesses need to act faster to resolve service issues.


Customer Support Is More Than It Used To Be

There was a time when customer support was viewed as necessary but a pain. Now, businesses are realising that the support process itself is about more than putting out fires. Today’s business understands that it’s an important part of the relationship-building chain. This means that novel and innovative support experiences are being designed to add value to CX.


Customer Success Is Now A Priority

The early days of marketing and customer experience were about putting the icing (benefit wording, product tutorials and other touch points) on the cake (the product). Now customer care and customer experience are more intertwined as businesses recognise that the ultimate goal is customer success, not merely acquisition. When customers reach their existing goals using your product, you create satisfaction and loyalty. If a customer experiences a win using your product or software, or via engaging with customer support, they have a strong incentive to make future purchases.


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