Nine Customer Experience Tips for Higher Conversions

by | Sep 13, 2017 | Customer Experience

Great customer experience has always been a foundation of business success. Modern day competition and digital disruption have made good CX even more essential, as competitors are truly moments away for any potential customer. Here are nine tips to increase your conversions through enhanced CX: 

Know Your Current Customer CX In Detail

Having a good sense of your current CX – where customers make payment in the onboarding chain, where they churn and more – is crucial. CX insights and understanding enable you to make rational, sound decisions when optimising CX.

Pay Attention To Lifetime Customer Value

Better customer loyalty means better lifetime value per customer, as customers have fewer incentives to jump ship and support your competitors. CX changes designed to improve lifetime value naturally increase conversions when successful, because your customer simply has more reasons to stay.

Make CX Improvement A Team-Wide Effort

Make sure everyone in your team is in the loop on your customer experience strategy. By making sure all your channels are working towards a unified goal, you can ensure customer experience success.

Elevate Customer Service

Poor customer service is a business killer. Make every interaction count – before, during and after a customer buys from you.

Know Thine Customer

This is a key commandment of conversion-bringing customer experience. Through social media, customer interviews and email communication; identify the most valuable customers you have and build the relationship. This will aid retention and you’ll gain insights that will help conversion.

Get Insights From Data

Digital data can give you surprising insights into what isn’t working in customer experience. That one onboarding video that you thought was an experience enhancer might actually be killing customer joy, for example. Use data to uncover helpful CX truths.

Personalise For Success

Personalisation is key to a trust-building customer experience. When customers feel you know and ‘get’ them and their needs, it will help enhance your conversions. Make customers feel special, because they are.

Reward Loyalty

Loyalty rewards are a crucial component of retention. When customers buy into your business, give them a reason to keep doing so.

Don’t Make The Customer Think

The best customer experience is usually the smoothest, easiest and most intuitive. Attention spans have gotten shorter. Show your customers that you can give them the fastest, easiest way to reach their goals.

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