Six Business Trends Driving Customer Experience Innovation

by | Jul 13, 2017 | Customer Experience

An ‘us too’ approach to customer experience isn’t the way for a business to expand and grab hold of its target market’s attention. Instead, using business trends to innovate and deliver exceptional customer experience is the key to success. Here are six business trends driving customer experience innovation:

1. Retail Gets Service-Oriented

Because customers can buy almost anything they want online now, retail is becoming more service-orientated. Services the Internet cannot provide will survive the onslaught of easy, efficient online shopping. Retailers are thus having to innovate to make in-store experiences as effortless as online purchases.

2.Texting Takes Off

More companies are using texting for touchpoints with customers, to market sales and deals and provide more personalised customer experience. This appeals to younger employee and customer base that is addicted to mobile.

3.Visual Communication Takes Centre Stage

Consumers attention spans are getting shorter, and most of the information customers retain is visual. Companies are building customer experience more around visual interactions (example: tracking an Uber vehicle’s progress towards your pickup location visually using map data).

4.Craftsmanship Makes A Comeback

Compare the latest smart phone models – a certain brick-shape form factor is standard. Yet this gives customer experience a sameness that bores quickly. You can expect more companies to innovate for product differentiation, to distinguish themselves from competitors’ offerings.

5.Mobile Makes Payment Frictionless

Payment processing on mobile, up until recently, has been clunky. As mobile security improves and people trust their mobile devices’ security as much as they do their personal computers, you can expect mobile payment to gain broader adoption. This creates all kinds of possibilities for multi-channel customer interactions. A customer might initiate contact with a company on social media on their desktop device and switch over to mobile for payment, rather than the other way around.

6.Sharing Will Shift Business Models

Already with ride-sharing apps, we’re seeing businesses innovate around customers’ desires to make life more affordable. Expect businesses to innovate with models and customer experiences that make it easier for the customer to share the cost or effort of the user process.

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