Why Customer Centric is better than Customer Focus

by | Jun 26, 2017 | Customer Experience

There was a time when marketers spoke about ‘focusing’ on the customer, and it’s true that the customer and how you monetise leads can make or break your business. Yet focusing on customers is not synonymous with a far more profitable approach: customer-centricity.

Both customer focus (CF) and customer-centricity (CC) refer to building your app or website experience (or even the whole customer journey) around customers’ real goals, needs and expectations. CF, however, entails simply focusing on delivering good customer experience. CC, by contrast, strives to delight customers. It’s about more than merely ‘good’ cx. Here are three ways you can develop customer-centric experiences that transfix and delight:

1. Immerse Customers In The ‘After’ State They Will Enjoy With Your Product

Successful onboarding and winning your customer over is a matter of making them see and experience how their life will be better with your product or service. New developments in VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) make it possible to help the customer virtually experience your product or application, as though they were using it in real time.

Tech professionals can monitor how customers engage with their products in a virtual space (for example a physical interface such as button layout on a product), and use these insights to delight customers with intuitive and satisfying user experiences.

2. Transform Customer Processes

There are countless touchpoints through which customers engage with businesses, from mobile apps to websites, call centres and AI chat bots.

To truly deliver a customer-centric, delightful experience, do more than focus on making each of these channels a good, customer-focused experience. Instead, integrate channels as seamlessly as possible, and try to anticipate customers’ goals and expectations even before they articulate them.

If the customer feels like your app is a guiding companion rather than a stubborn adversary, they will feel gratitude.

3. Use CX Data To Take Your Customer Centric Service To The Next Level

Automate collecting customer experience data such as social network conversations and put this data to work. Collecting, analysing and categorising CX data makes it easy to see what customers’ core goals, expectations and disappointments are, and act accordingly.

The trail of data your customer leaves is a treasure trove of information you can mine to understand what your best ‘aha!’ moments are, and what needs work.

Being able to deliver a delightful, memorable customer experience is a unique skill. If you need assistance with collecting and implementing customer insights, contact Interact RDT now.