Five Reasons To Use CX Data To Improve Customer Satisfaction

by | Jun 14, 2017 | Customer Experience

Agile, iterative marketing strategies allow insightful, incremental testing and reap results. Yet it’s difficult to decide what app or website improvements to implement without customer experience insights. This requires CX data that will guide smart decisions.

Sources you can use to gather customer experience data include customer surveys, heatmap recordings, and text analysis from customer relationship management (in-app or on social media). Here are five reasons to actively collect and use CX data:

1. CX Data Helps You Understand The Big Picture

Often companies focus on only a handful of metrics, neglecting to connect the dots. Yet if you understand the entire customer acquisition funnel (for example, how customers first engage with your brand on mobile, then move over to desktop devices to make purchases), then you can tailor your marketing and app experience to support your customer’s preferred journey.

2. It Gives You Clearer Insight Into Which Improvements To Prioritise

A second benefit of taking a CX-orientated approach is that when you gather customer insights you can see with greater transparency what changes will make the biggest impact. You will be armed with the data you need to make changes that assist your company’s core goals.

3. You Can Predict The Future

Not like Nostradamus. Instead, you can see how a new rebranding or redesign would hypothetically affect the customer journey. When you have customer feedback and transparent customer behaviour to refer to, as well as feedback analytics, you have powerful knowledge to help you predict future problems before they occur in order to avert them.

Use CX data to understand and fulfil your customers’ needs now and in the future.

4. You Can Measure Performance Against Competitors

If you have access to public CX data from your competitors (such as page load speeds) you can also benchmark your customer experience against your competitors’ CX. This enables you to gather data and use it to your competitive advantage. Stay ahead of the competition in the customer satisfaction stakes.

5. It Can Aid Cross-Departmental Communication

Different departments in your business have similar but different goals and tasks, and (especially in the case of developers) different languages. CX engagement and other metrics are a common language your whole team can speak, so use it to create universal metrics to guide your whole company to satisfy customers’ purposes at every step.

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