Five Mistakes That Could Cost You Customer Engagement

by | Jun 5, 2017 | Customer Experience

It goes without saying that engaged, stimulated customers who are enjoying their experiences with your brand are more likely to convert or be upsold to products successfully. Yet customer engagement is a multi-faceted subject that many businesses get wrong. Here are five mistakes that could be costing you customer engagement (and what to do about them):

Mistake 1: Assigning Customer Engagement Low Priority

How many times have you heard a team member saying ‘customer engagement is too difficult, let’s focus on product development’ or something similar? The truth is customer engagement is challenging. But you need a starting point and an end goal. Once you assign customer engagement the prioritisation it deserves, you will be able to build a more engaged customer base that understands your brand and is satisfied by its experiences. It starts with a goal and a plan for testing, iterating, and getting there.

Mistake 2: No Management Of Customer Experience

Many businesses struggle because they fail to assign overseeing customer experience to a specific team member. When multiple team members are contributing small parts of customer experience data analysis and implantation of insights, there isn’t a global perspective. When you have something like a Chief Customer Officer, you have someone who can take on the responsibility of making your business customer-centric. Customer centricity leads to better engagement.

Mistake 3: Not Striving To Gain A Single Customer View

Because customers’ interactions with businesses occur in many different places (retail, mobile apps, websites, events and more), getting a single customer view charting an individual’s journey with your brand is challenging. Yet it is worth implementing cross-channel monitoring of the customer’s path to sales and interaction. This will help you understand both where individual customers are in the journey and what interactions and conversations prompt better engagement.

Mistake 4: Making Other Tasks More Important

Nothing is more impotant than understanding your customers’ most common paths to satisfaction and loyalty. When you understand your customer you’re more capable of retaining them, and retention is a crucial part of revenue growth. The cost of acquisition is higher than the cost of retention, so take the time to understand how to engage customers better using customer experience data.

Mistake 5: Complacency

Although you might think you’re already fine in the customer engagement stakes, proper customer insight means more than traffic and unique visitor metrics. Understanding interaction points for customers and how customers are navigating your apps and other media will help you piece together a global view you can act on to fortify the relationship between your brand and the customer.

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