How to Draw Generation Z Customers and Employees

by | May 17, 2017 | User Experience


The debate about where digital trends are headed has long focused on millennials. Yet Generation Z – individuals born from the late 1990s into the late 2000s – is an important emerging segment. Many brands are investing in researching and understanding what drives Generation Z as shoppers and job-seekers.

Here are several pointers on how to attract this segment:

Make Sure You Offer Smooth, Streamlined Digital User Experiences

Millennials have grown up against the backdrop of digital change. They’ve seen the arrival of smartphones and the Internet. Yet Generation Z has grown up with all this innovation already available. If your website crashes or something in your app doesn’t work, they’ll churn. To attract Generation Z shoppers or job applicants, make sure you’re using the latest software and following the latest UX design best practices.

Ensure You Show Generation Z Value, Not Intrusive Ads

Generation Z is savvy to the ways marketers might hurry them into sales funnels. With Generation Z, you’ll impress them more if you show that you’re an influencer. Becoming a successful vlogger or media personality is just as viable a career path as a traditional 8 to 5 job to a typical Gen Z consumer.

Because Gen Z members can see through obvious advertising, avoid pop-up ads and banners. Instead, build networks of influence that position your brand as trustworthy and on the pulse of current trends.

Empower Generation Z To Change The World

Like their older millennial counterparts, Gen Z is passionately committed to social causes, from environmentalism to diversity and rights. Most members of this consumer segment want to work in an environment where they make an impact. Their buying choices, similarly, reflect their ideals.

Learn from brands like TOMS shoes that have built social caring and responsibility into their brand identity through philanthropic practices.

Make Sure You Offer Online Alternatives To Brick-And-Mortar Retail

Generation Z prefers shopping online to in-store browsing for clothing, tech and other purchases. Whether you’re advertising a job opening or hyping a new product, appeal to Gen Z by allowing them to complete their interactions online, across multiple channels.

Use Video – One Of Generation Z’s Preferred Mediums

According to studies, at least a third of affluent members of Generation Z watch videos online for an hour or more, every day. Over a fifth watch three hours per day. Whether you want to attract employees or build your brand, invest in video marketing.

Work environments and retailers who embrace emerging mediums such as live video – and use them to deliver real value – are more likely to catch Generation Z’s attention.

Could your user experience be more Generation Z friendly? Contact RDT today and update your approach.


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