Converting Millennials: Create A Unified Cross-Channel User Experience

by | May 15, 2017 | User Experience


An ‘omnichannel’ marketing approach is vital for catering to a young millennial audience. There’s a difference between omnichannel marketing (making consumer experience across all your channels unified) and multichannel marketing that treats each channel separately. So why is a unified approach better for converting millennials?

Millennials Expect Streamlined, Integrated Experiences Across All Channels

Millennials are the smartphone generation. Younger shoppers expect a seamless, consistent experience across mobile and desktop devices and different platforms because they are used to efficient, zero-interruption shopping journeys.

Help Shoppers Start Interacting On One Channel And Finish On Another

Creating an omnichannel user flow means that you are allowing shoppers to begin an interaction or transaction on one channel and end on another. For example, a young shopper should be able to click your Instagram ad on mobile, log in and add an item to a cart, then find an email coupon and apply it before checking out on a desktop device.

How Do You Unify Cross-Channel User Experience?

Millennials expect interactivity. They expect social media interactions with their favourite brands, for example, along with living support and real-time content (such as live video).

To unify your cross-channel user experience:

Make The Social Experience Unique And Engaging

More than 25% of young consumers use a mobile phone to browse physical products. To join the conversation and engage millennials with finesse across all your channels, adapt the native language of each platform to meet millennials where they live online. For example, you can incorporate the picture editing features of Snapchat to create engaging, interactive ad campaigns.

 Ensure Moving From Mobile To In-Store Is Seamless

Many millennials expect online chat to continue to in-store experiences. If in-store personnel can give millennials personalised attention based on their previous interactions with your brand, it will leave a strong impression. This type of seamless user flow, where personalization is carried over from channel to channel, creates an uninterrupted, user-friendly experience.

 Inspire Millennial Users In The Moment

Many millennials support social justice causes and prefer brands they perceive as doing good in the world. Keeping a unified, engaging, socially-inspiring experience across all your channels will capitalise on this zeitgeist.

Build user rewards, for example, around philanthropic actions such as donating a percentage of a purchase to a non-profit of the user’s choice. Creating meaning in each moment will help sales and foster user loyalty.

In short, creating a strong omnichannel experience for millennials means engaging users across every channel. Provide uninterrupted user flows across platforms and devices, and anticipate users’ interactions with interactive, personalised support. Make each interaction inspiring, no matter which channel your customer base uses to make contact. Together, these will deliver strong, millennial-friendly experiences.

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