Why Should You Invest In UX Design?

by | Apr 25, 2017 | User Experience

User experience is an area of site or app development where business leaders are sometimes hesitant to invest. This may be because the field is still relatively young. Or because the direct impact any investment will have on objectives such as sales isn’t measurable without testing. Here, then, are four reasons to invest in UX design:

It Will Help Your Business Stay Competitive

The truth is that you can’t afford to not have a customer-first approach. Some competitors may be sloppy. Yet others will optimise their websites and other platforms to deliver an optimal user experience. If your app or web-based user experience is sub-standard, customers will seek out a better, more painless user journey.

You’ll Save Money On The Development Process

Past studies have shown that many businesses waste as much as 50% of development budget on redesigning failed user interfaces. If you invest in UX design upfront, you won’t be paying developers to go over territory that’s already been covered. Instead, you can get maximum value out of developers’ time. Ideally, designs should be tested and iterated even before a lead developer gets involved.

Your Sales And Revenue Will Increase

Past case studies have been done to investigate the impact of investing in UX design on sales and revenue. Businesses that work to perfect the user experience can increase sales by as much as 75 percent. Competitors, by comparison, with similar site traffic, only tend to increase sales by 60 percent when they focus on design values independently of user experience.

Sales increase when you invest in UX design because customers have fewer navigation roadblocks. They enjoy interacting with your site or app with fewer frustrations since the platform is designed with their most common goals in mind. There is also typically less friction in the purchase or checkout process when UX comes first.

Every Rand Invested Brings Returns

In financial terms, when you invest in UX design every single Rand you invest contributes to returns. When the user funnel is a smoother ride, you acquire customers for less (since leads slip down the funnel to convert and purchase easier).

You also increase revenue because it’s easier to retain happy customers who aren’t irritated by your user experience. If you’re offering a better user experience than competitors, it’s also easier to increase your market share.

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