Improve Customer Engagement With These Easy Strategies

by | Apr 18, 2017 | Customer Experience

Strong customer engagement is something every business desires, but not every business has the necessary strategy to achieve it. As the digital space evolves and changes, many businesses try the latest gimmicks, forgetting to put the customer first.

Human-centred, interruption-free customer experience is what most customers prefer. Nobody enjoys being harried into a purchase. Here are three ways to improve customer engagement this year:

Shape Your Efforts Around Existing Customer Behaviour

Many brands make the mistake of investing in highly interruptive approaches to customer acquisition. Pop-ups, for example. Yet businesses are turning to behavioural marketing now. To set up a relevant, timely interaction with a prospect, it’s important to identify how and why customers engage with your business. What are their issues, what pain do they need you to solve?

Because consumers have more options than ever, it’s crucial to approach CX design with a customer-first mindset. Very few brands put the kind of effort Amazon does into tying consumers to their past behaviour. In doing so and in understanding their past and present needs, they can anticipate the future needs of their customers.

Build Trust And Engagement Through Influencer Marketing

Trust is a key ingredient of engagement. For a customer to share your content, for example, they need confidence in your credibility. Influencer marketing is an effective way to build brand confidence. If important players in your niche share your content or products on social media, for example, you will gain exposure. The key is building relationships with influencers whose audiences would likely do business with you.

Another way to build trust is to get endorsements from prior clients seen as experts. Their recommendation and support will build awareness and trust in others. Besides building a clientele of thought leaders, work to position yourself as an expert by publishing well-crafted, relevant content.

Harness The Power Of ‘Frequency Illusion

Ever seen an ad for a make of car, then seen said car everywhere on the road while out driving afterwards? This phenomenon is called ‘frequency illusion’. If a potential customer sees your brand name often enough, they will view it as an increasingly more credible option.

Use social media, influencer marketing and PPC retargeting to place your brand in front of relevant members of your target market. The three strategies above will help you find customers who are engaged and deliver high lifetime customer value.

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