“Welcome Back”: How to Create Personalised Customer Experience Like The Pros

by | Apr 4, 2017 | Customer Experience

It’s well-known that customers spend more when they get personalised customer experience. Businesses everywhere are adopting personalisation, recognising that customers want recognition and individually tailored service. Now more than ever before, customers ask ‘How is this relevant to my needs?’ Here’s how to create effective personalisation:

Deliver ‘We’ve Been Expecting You’ Customer Experience

What do businesses such as the ride-sharing app Uber and Amazon have in common? They all give customers a highly personalised customer experience. When you use Uber, for example, your driver already knows your name before he or she even pulls up to the curb. Likewise, Amazon greets you with your name when you log in and shows you your recent purchase history, as well as recommendations.

In each of these cases, the customer feels the service provider or merchant is prepared for their business. It’s easy to leap right into your next, seamless experience.

‘But My Business Isn’t Like Amazon Or Uber’

Even if your company doesn’t offer transport or an online mega-mart experience, customers will still compare your service to service benchmarks. It’s necessary to have more than a great product. Connecting with customers matters. Here’s how to develop your own memorable ‘we’ve been expecting you’ CX:

  1. Meet customers on their terms

    Customers now use multiple channels to make purchases. They might click an offer on mobile, for example, then head to your website on their desktop computer or laptop to complete checkout. Make sure your company is responsive on social channels your customer base loves.

  2. Make every customer interaction count

Whether you’re talking to customers via email, a social channel or over the phone, make sure no opportunity is wasted. Every customer interaction is a chance to build trust while also showing the customer your expertise and value. Customers who have been helped by knowledgeable support are far likelier to purchase.

  1. Give employees CX responsibility

Ideally, employees should be empowered with the tools and knowledge they need to make sure every customer has a satisfying, rewarding experience. Resolving a customer’s issue should be as seamless as possible, without requiring management approval.

Consumers now have more choice than ever regarding the businesses they support. Investing in personalisation will help ensure your CX stands out and beats your competitors.

Contact Interact RDT today and get help making your customer experience number one and not ‘us too’.


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