Ebook: How Brands Are Using UX To Improve Customer Experience

by | Feb 24, 2017 | Customer Experience, Ebooks & Downloads, User Experience

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Customer experience – and getting it right – is the defining factor that is helping brands stand out in the digital space. In this day of technological advancement amid a deluge of digital marketing tactics, working hard to ensure your customer’s satisfaction is of prime importance in order to make an impact.

There are a number of ways that customer experience can be improved upon, and one such way is by ensuring that the user experience of each customer interaction is slick and effortless. We used the example of online shopping to showcase how brands can use user experience to their prime advantage when fine-tuning an overarching customer experience offering. With so many online shops now vying for the attention of would-be consumers, the only way to grasp their interest and maintain it, is to give them more than they can get somewhere else.

That’s what the following brands have been able to achieve in a variety of different applications:

  • Nike
  •  SweepSouth
  • Starbucks
  • Airbnb

We took some time to delve into the experience offered by each brand and found that although they are all reaching for the same objective, the manner in which they ascended to these goals was completely different from one brand to the next. Not only does this prove how innovative brands can be when faced with a problem to solve, but it also shows us that the options for improving customer experience and enhancing customer satisfaction are limitless.

Where Nike used in-store activations and intensive personalisation to draw their users in, Sweepsouth produced an application that allows customers to set and pay for appointments, track the location of their dedicated cleaner and so much more. Starbucks also produced an application that offers their loyal coffee aficionados some more bang for their (Star)bucks, while Airbnb went to great lengths to listen to their users in creating a website that they would enjoy navigating.

Each brand has gone above and beyond to apply a positive user experience to interactions with their customers, and in doing so have captured and maintained the attention of their loyal customer base. Download the full case study here.

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