Using Customer Data to Enhance Customer Experience

by | Jan 23, 2017 | Customer Experience, Market Research

Companies often struggle to turn data insights into real-world customer experience improvements. Failure to move from research to implementation can be the result of poor communication between departments. Sometimes it’s also a matter of needing to ask better questions. Here are five tips for getting real-world results out of your customer data:

Ask Relevant, Useful Questions

Analytics beginners often try to simply cover the basics, understanding customer behaviour on a surface level. Yet gaining true, actionable insights that increase goal conversions requires deeper understanding.
Turning customer survey data and other customer data into actionable strategies can be challenging.
To get insights you can really use, examine disparate data sets at greater depth to connect different metrics and find out what is truly driving desirable and undesirable customer actions. Involve staff from different divisions (data analysts along with customer experience experts) to get a broader, more collaborative perspective.

Foster Inter-Departmental Understanding

It’s difficult for a company to truly act on customer insights when each department has a narrow horizon of understanding. Departments need to understand each other’s challenges and needs. It pays for members in different departments (such as web development and digital marketing) to build connections with colleagues who can build practical solutions based on their insights.

Focus On The ‘Why’

Often actionable insights gleaned from customer feedback surveys and other channels don’t get implemented. To make sure that you turn customer data into iterative improvements, make sure that your entire team is on board with using data proactively. The right questions can yield answers that will help you reduce customer satisfaction and maintain service quality.

Make Sure Your Team Collectively Takes Responsibility For CX Improvements

When customer data isn’t used to make improvements, it’s often because central business decisions are made without consulting this data.

To make sure insights are implements, agree on which CX metrics you will focus on so that possible actions are limited and manageable. Explain metrics in terms that members of other departments can understand. Present your data clearly and make sure colleagues understand how implementation could produce direct, material benefits.

Combine CX Insights With Financial And Operational Data To Eliminate Conflicts

It’s often confusing in board meetings when CX experts offer suggestions based on one set of data (customer experience) while other team members draw on financial or other data to present competing or contrary views. To make sure that your CX research gives a clear perspective of how implementing customer insights will impact, make sure you work hand-in-hand with financial and operational team members to build a full picture of potential outcomes.

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