Eight CX and Service Trends in 2017

by | Jan 18, 2017 | Customer Experience

The amount of audience segmentation and personalisation now possible means customers expect personalised customer experiences. Poor customer experience damages customer trust and costs business, so staying on top of the latest cx trends in 2017 should be every company’s priority.

Here are eight CX trends for 2017:

More Customer-Oriented Business Models 

An extractive (rather than customer-oriented) approach to business is no longer viable. The best companies are delivering impeccable customer service. This has raised customers’ expectations of service and usability. Expect more companies to make customer experience their number one priority in 2017.

Customer Experience Of Value Will Beat Price 

Great customer experience raises the perceived value of a product or service. In 2017, businesses across all sectors (not only retail) will either make enhancing customer service a core strategy or lose out to competitors who put customers first.

Personalisation Will Continue To Grow 

Big data and social media analysis makes it easier than ever to use customers’ past behaviour to offer a more personalised experience. Expect the best CX experts to continue to innovate in how they meet individuals’ needs.

AI-assisted Customer Support 

Self-driving cars and self-service supermarkets were hot topics in 2016. In 2017 you can expect to see more companies using AI to provide speedier, more efficient customer service.

Capable Chat bots

As AI improves, 2017 will also see more companies using computerised customer support to handle basic customer queries and interactions. A mix of human and AI support will remain, with live support stepping in for more complex queries.

Better Customer Onboarding

New products are often confusing to use, but this year we’ll see more innovation in how customers are onboarded and familiarised with a product or service. Businesses that identify and resolve potential confusion will minimise customer reliance on live support.

Faster Customer Service Response Times

Mobile technological improvement has created an ‘always on’ culture where customers have grown accustomed to being able to find (and get) what they want, when they want it. In 2016 we’ll see more companies finding creative ways to minimise the time lag between customers asking questions on social media or via in-app support and support staff responding.

Revolutionised Convenience

Constant accessibility and availability that grew with mobile has also made customers expect convenience. A CX strategy that makes simple tasks easier for customers will win customer satisfaction. Self-service grocery stores emerging are examples of how retailers are innovating to give customers the smoothest, most frictionless experiences possible.

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