Customer Experience In 2020 – Future Proof Your Business For The Modern Customer

by | Nov 28, 2016 | Customer Experience


Many marketing experts have called the current era the ‘age of the customer’. The digital explosion has meant that it’s now easier than ever for companies to launch and compete with established brands for market share. Given all the newfound choice facing the customer, customers now hold more power than ever. What will the customer of 2020 expect? Understanding how customer experience (and customer expectation) changes will help future-proof your business.

In 2020, The Customer Will Be Informed And More In Charge

It’s easier than ever for customers to compare prices and reviews online. The rapidly increasing pace at which new technology emerges also means that customers have higher expectations of the customer experience than ever before. In 2020, customers will expect a personalised experience. The average customer will expect swift resolution of any issues, so set in place strong customer service now.

Only Adaptable Companies Will Survive

The shift in customer expectations as 2020 approaches means that companies must adapt or die. Old models of customer experience design and management that don’t admit newer technologies and user flows must be put aside. To stay relevant to your customer base into 2020 and beyond, you need to master using big data to your advantage. Gathering and using customer intelligence to understand what matters to customers (and how best to deliver the experiences they desire) will put you ahead of the curve.

One essential feature of business-to-business companies in the future will be personalised customer support. Customers will not accept automated responses that don’t address and solve their pain points or needs.

Savvy Companies Are Future Proofing For Customer Experience Changes

Now is a good time to follow the lead of major companies that are future proofing for the shifting nature of customer experience and expectations. You can prepare by making sure the right resources are available and focusing on metrics strategically. By 2020, you can expect there to be more dedicated roles within larger businesses for ‘core customer strategists’ whose task it will be to make sure that every aspect of business caters to the customer’s individual needs.

The shifting nature of customer experience will see new skills become crucial in the marketing and sales fields.

If you want to future proof your business against changes in how customers expect to do business, speak to Interact today and we will help you develop your CX strategy.


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