How To Create A Millennial-Friendly Retail Experience: Five Tips

by | Nov 3, 2016 | Customer Experience


The ‘millennial’ segment of consumers – consumers aged 18-34 who grew up around the turn of the millennium – have specific similarities as well as differences. The ‘meme generation’ of younger shoppers share some common expectations when shopping online. To secure millennials’ business, follow these five tips and create a millennial-friendly retail experience:

Be Consistent Across All Channels

The average millennial lives on her cell phone. Two out of three millennials use their smartphones to check product availability and sizing or make a purchase. At the least, millennials expect businesses’ mobile apps and websites to enhance their physical retail experience.

Use your app or mobile-friendly site to offer in-store discounts and personalised shopping benefits. Make the path from engaging with your website or app on mobile to visiting your outlet seamless. The average millennial has come to expect this smooth user experience.

Offer Engaging Experiences That Don’t Beg For The Sale

The savvy millennial generation is sceptical and aware of underhanded marketing ploys. Use a marketing strategy that prioritises meaningful user experiences and engagement over manipulative sales tactics. Establish the conversation with millennial customers via social media and/or in-app messaging and nurture these relationships. This establishes reciprocity and trust.

Help Millennials Shop When And Where They Want

The millennial generation expects immediate access. For the millennial, convenience is essential. Make it as easy as possible for your millennial customers to make a purchase without interrupting their mobile conversations. Smooth mobile-friendly app and/or website design is essential.

Give Millennials Experiences Tailored To Their Needs

Millennials are often called ‘entitled’, for good reason. This is the selfie generation. The millennial is the starring role and supporting act on their own personal stage. Millennials expect a personalised experience that acknowledges their individuality. They’re also open with sharing personal data, however, so use this data to customise their retail experience.

Create offers or shopping experiences tailored to millennials’ affinity categories (the things they like). Personalise product recommendations and email newsletters to millennials’ individual interests and aspirations.

Build Great Relationships

Millennials are willing to pay retailers to be able to enjoy a privileged or exclusive relationship. Members’ only loyalty schemes that invite millennials to sales or new product releases first perform well. To nurture great relationships, build convenience into your loyalty program so that millennials have every reason to give you their business.

Are you trying to create a better experience for your millennial customers? Contact Interact RDT today and let us help you create a class-leading millennial experience.


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