Redesigning A Website? Make Charting Customer Needs Your First Step

by | Nov 1, 2016 | User Experience

When it comes to redesigning a website, understanding the client’s needs comes first, and not secondary to building the website itself. Why? Because great user experiences draw insights from real-world, use-case data. Here are four tips for putting customer needs first when you do a major website design and user experience overhaul:

Talk To Customers In The Spaces Where They Will Use Your Website

It’s all very well to design a new website in laboratory-like, closed-off conditions. Yet users will be engaging with your website in specific conditions, such as browsing on their mobile phones while on the go. To truly understand what your clients want from a website interface, interview them so you can accurately assess what features are non-negotiable.

Take An Agile Approach And Ensure You Cover Mobile

In the contemporary digital landscape, you simply can’t afford to not have a mobile-friendly website. Because many clients or customers will have a mobile first impression of your website, make sure you build your website redesign around mobile best practices. An agile method that allows rapid development and extended testing will ensure you have a winning redesign upon completion. This customer-centric approach, that caters to customers’ love for mobile technology, will result in a more user-friendly website.

Make People The Centre Of Your Project

As digital technology improves and it becomes easier to simulate user experience and not involve real people in your design process, it can be tempting to follow a ‘build now, test on real people later’ approach. Yet technology does not trump the human side of user experience. Even though you might create detailed marketing personas, still take the time to learn directly through beta testing and trials what features customers prefer and how they intuitively use your website.

Use One-On-One Interactions For Deep Insights

When you redesign your website, there is no substitute for one-on-one interactions with users that show you the complete journey each visitor will take through your funnel, from the first point of interaction. Connect with customers on a more insightful level so that you can understand their objectives and desires closer and obtain useful data that will make your redesign a success.

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