Three Simple Ways To Harness Influencer Marketing

by | Sep 21, 2016 | Market Research

Influencer marketing done right can increase brand awareness, build your company’s credibility, position you as an industry innovator and thought leader and help you garner high-value leads. Influencers in fields such as big data, customer insights and analytics are busy people. Here are three simple ways to get their attention and leverage these connections to grow your brand:

1. Host An Exclusive Online Webinar For 10 Influencers

In order to gain your place as an industry thought leader, you need to offer influencers an indispensable service. Service providers in the customer analytics and insights fields, for example, are always looking for ways to optimise their processes for better ROI.

The first way to harness influencer marketing to your benefit is to host an online discussion with 10 influencers in your niche who fit the target audience for your product or service. This provides an excellent opportunity to learn what the bigwigs’ core challenges and pain points are, and could unlock fantastic opportunities for future dealings.

Modern technology being what it is, you can host a 10-way discussion in virtual space, via your desktop system or even a mobile smart device. This is also an excellent opportunity to collect contact details for strong prospects.

2. Promote A Whitepaper Or Case Study That Shows Influencers What Your Business Can Do

If a client of yours is experiencing great success using your service or product, invite them to collaborate on a mutually beneficial white paper or case study. Content that highlights your company’s industry-leading work and presents results your service can achieve backed by hard data will woo future customers. Once you have your whitepaper or case study in hand, promote it across multiple channels to generate quality leads.

If your case study or whitepaper provides actionable learnings for influencers, make it available to industry influencers on your blog in exchange for mailing list registrations – this will give you more valuable leads. 

3. Participate In Content Creation Drives With Industry Experts

If you don’t have the time or resources in place to create your own premium content, participate in industry experts’ content plans. A mention in a monthly report that contains useful data and is widely shared will bring you extra brand awareness and exposure.

There are several ways to be included in industry insider content. Besides offering up case study data, you can offer an interview where a senior representative of your business shares their thoughts on a trending industry topic. Sponsoring a customer experience specialist’s report (if you provide customer experience solutions, for example) and contributing to the report’s marketing campaign is a useful way to get your business in front of highly-targeted future customers.

If you want to grow your brand and position yourself as an industry thought leader, act now and start implementing the three approaches outlined above.


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