Five Ways To Wow With Customer Experience

by | Jun 6, 2016 | Customer Experience

In the modern marketplace, it’s no longer enough to simply tell customers choosing between you and your competitors that ‘we offer that too’. Instead of giving customers the same old experiences they know and expect, with a slight design overhaul, you need to wow customers to create interactions that create return business and eventual loyalty.

Here are our five ways to wow customers:

1. Make Interactions As Intuitive And Fast As Possible 

In an always-on, digitally connected landscape, where customers can move seamlessly between mobile and desktop devices to make purchases and interact with service providers, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Young, affluent customers particularly (so-called millennials) expect businesses to deliver innovative experiences fast.

2. Learn From Customers’ Voices, Not Only Their Behaviour

Data based on customer behaviour can only do so much for your customer experience redesign. Ultimately, you need to truly understand the ideal customer – not only their behaviour, but the desires and frustrations behind them. New customer learning techniques such as in-store shopping observations as well as standard customer experience or usability testing can give key insights that you can learn from to help you outshine competitors.

3. Streamline Customer Experience To Deliver Nothing But Value 

Many businesses are still using outmoded customer experience models that overcomplicate simple processes. Be creative and think of ways that digital solutions can cut corners productively: make your customer’s journey as easy as possible.

4. Make The Experience Great From Start To Finish

Often businesses that have capable in-house design teams put all their efforts into making the customer experience a visually pleasing, carefully branded one. Yet although sleek visuals add verve to the customer experience, each interaction your potential customer has with your business should be a deal-maker. Make sure as much effort goes into tweaking and iterating how the customer experience works as the effort that goes into how it looks.

5. Focus On Solving Needs, Not Fixing Processes

It could be that your existing customer experience is flawed because there are bumps in the road during the journey you take customers on. Don’t simply alter the journey slightly, steering around those bumps to create a smoother journey. Perhaps there’s another way entirely to take the customer from A to B. Instead of focusing on how to make the customer experience a smoother process, think about the customer’s actual needs and study the best digital experiences competitors offer. Customers will be wowed by products or services that fulfil their needs with minimal input required.

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