How Customer Experience Is Influencing Product And Service Design

by | Jun 3, 2016 | Customer Experience

For the longest time, advertisers saw catchy, unforgettable jingles and differentiating one’s brand from competitors through clever marketing as key ways to attract and secure customers. Yet customers now have more power than ever to research alternatives on their own and find not only the best offers, but the best customer experience too. This means that improving customer experience can give you an edge on the competition.

How The Customer Experience Has Changed: Always On, Always Available

Mobile accessibility and the seamless integration of mobile, desktop and retail means that customers can go from looking for a specific design online, to paying for it and collecting it in-store in under an hour. Customer experiences now take place in a world where technology is always on and almost anything is available.

One result is that local options and limitations no longer narrow customers’ choices. Product and service design has become more important than marketing and sales strategy because customers know that the product in front of them is not necessarily the most convenient or most affordable option.

The result is that there is an ongoing shift away from business models that place marketing and sales above customer experience design. Now you need to invest in product and service design which will help you differentiate your products or services meaningfully.

Customer Experience Means Satisfaction In Every Item At Every Step

The shift away from product positioning to customer experience means that it’s now important to awe the customer at every step with compelling product and service design. Everything about your product – from the packaging to related digital content, web and print advertisements  that promote it and the way you deploy social media content – needs to add to the customer’s experience.

How Do You Give Customers The Quality Of Experience That Increases Returns?

You improve customer experience by making sure that every interaction a customer has with your business delivers on your brand’s promise. Business prospects who enjoy a meaningful experience at every step of your acquisition funnel, from first contact to checkout, are more likely to become paying customers.

One of the most crucial ways to give customers this superior experience is to use the power of the F-word: feelings. When customers feel heard and cared for, their journey with your business feels more meaningful and they are also likely to feel more trust. It’s essential that you show the customer that you value their business and care about them personally. Responding to social media queries promptly is one way to ensure that you leave customers feeling positive.

Whether your business works in a business to business or business to client niche, you can provide a great customer experience that raises your bottom line. You don’t have to resort to marketing gimmicks. Instead, focus on how you can deliver an exceptional experience that casts a long shadow over your competitors.

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