Eight Ways To Improve Customer Experience with Social Media

by | Jun 1, 2016 | Customer Experience

In the last few years, social media has become a central part of the customer journey, making it essential for your business to provide a seamless customer experience on your social channels. Here are eight ways to improve customer experience using social media.

1. Use Social As A Meeting Place, Not A Marketplace

The days of businesses simply pushing products on social media are over. Use your social media channels as a meeting place first, and a marketplace second. Potential customers are more likely to convert to paid ones when they have had satisfying social interactions around your content and have been allowed to form an emotional connection to your brand before the sell.

2. Make Engagement King

Trust improves when customers see that your brand is engaging and has many likes and other signals of approval on social media. Engage with your audience by creating content that is relevant to their interests and solves their lesser pain points for a better overall customer experience.

3. Involve Customers By Asking Questions

How do you earn engagement? By involving your social following in conversations and listening to their opinions. Don’t just talk at followers: ask questions and run polls to get customers involved and respond to their commentary. Start a discussion, get them involved in the constant growth and improvement of your brand or business.

4. Pay Attention To Customers’ Emotional Response To Your Brand

Customer experience is crucial to business success – a customer who feels heard, understood and valued is much more likely to stay loyal. To improve customer experience, make sure that you monitor and learn from customers’ emotional responses to your brand. This will help you plan changes that customers will value.

5. Be Prompt Or Make Contingency Plans

Thanks to mobile, requesting information from your business (or making a complaint) is now easier and faster than ever. People expect prompt responses, so it’s essential that businesses streamline customer support on social by having a dedicated social media manager or have a contingency plan

that tells followers exactly when they can expect feedback.

6. Follow Up And Follow Through On Customers’ Feedback Or Frustrations

Even when an immediate reply isn’t possible, make sure that there is follow up and follow through. Get in touch as soon as possible when customers voice their frustrations so that customers see your business as attentive and reliable.

7. Personalise Customer Feedback

Give personalised feedback that acknowledges the intimate, personal nature of social media. Address customers by name in feedback and give them an experience that acknowledges their unique value as unique followers.

8. Show The Authentic, Human Side Of Your Business

Live streaming videos and other newer content formats makes it easier than ever to show the authentic, human side of your business. This helps to grow one of the core ingredients of a pain-free customer relationship: trust. If you’re the owner of a small-medium sized business, for example, a live video message to your followers can create a positive experience of exclusivity and connection. If you’re looking for more ways to improve customer experience, speak to a consultant at Interact RDT today to start honing your social media approach.