Creating Customer Loyalty In The Retail Environment

by | May 20, 2016 | Assorted

There is so much variety out there. Every option of every product in any size, shape, colour or variance is available to the consumer. People are spoilt for choice, which only means that it’s increasingly more difficult to compete against other suppliers in the already flooded market. People have options available at the click of a button or scroll of a page, and as quickly as they encounter these options, they can also change their minds.

So how do you hold onto the customers that come your way in the retail environment? A great way is to focus on enhancing customer loyalty.

Getting back to basics 

When focusing on customer loyalty and the ways to enhance it, we have to go back to basics and understand why we are here. Why are consumers even shopping in the first place?

  • Customers desire something
  • Customers need something
  • Customer relish in the experience of both of the above

If you think about the term “retail therapy” and how many consumers take to the shops to make themselves feel better, they are fully involved in the complete experience of shopping. They are making themselves feel better by acquiring something that they need or want and by being somewhat “pampered” by retail experiences that make them feel good.

Shopping online is no different. You may be shopping in your pyjamas, but you still expect a level of (for lack of a better word) pleasure when completing your purchases. You expect streamlined activity, exceptional user friendliness and a neat, well-packaged experience.

The two need to be one and the same. Whether you are hosting an online store or you have a physical property, or even both… your core values and the experience you deliver needs to be consistent. Ensuring excellence at every turn, maintaining a transparent work ethic, being innovative and of course showing dedication to your customers are all elements that will help your retail store rise to levels of success. They should lay the foundation for everything you do and ensure that they are ticked off in every level of your complete customer experience.

Standing out from the crowd 

It’s all fine and well saying that you want to enhance customer loyalty and that you have so much to offer that is underpinned by strong company ethics. But keeping customers engaged is another kettle of fish. Added to that, we have the issue of a flooded market to deal with. How is it that you can ensure your brand gets noticed amid the constant noise? Loyalty cards and programmes are a definite perk, but when everyone is offering points on purchases or discounts on your following shop, it’s again – difficult to compete.

Sometimes ease of purchases is a bigger win than freebies, so you need to go that one step further and offer an experience that is personal. You are serving people after all, so speaking their language is of the utmost importance. Greeting your customers with a smile and willingness to serve and assist… in the online space, it’s exactly the same deal, but communicated through expertly crafted messaging that is delivered at key points during the shopping experience.

It can be as simple as addressing your customers by their names in all your communication, letting them know that they exist as a human being on your CRM system. Asking questions about how you can improve the complete transaction for them… not everyone else, but for them alone. You could also go a bit further by tailoring offers and promotions to them based on their location. Giving them those points or discounts at their favoured store, whether it be online or close to their home. Letting them know of in-store events at their local store, or even personalising shopping vouchers for them, based on their preferences. Every time you receive more information or data on a customer, this needs to be recorded, noted and used for further communication and in order to offer even more personal benefit to each individual.

Your objective always needs to be an investment in a relationship between the retail store and the customer. Without the customer, there is no retail store. Always ask yourself  – how can you add even more value? How can you ensure your customer feels as though they are part of the fabric of your retail community?

Let us help you answer these questions and more. We have years of experience in crafting the best routes towards a total enhancement of customer loyalty. Contact us today and let’s start the conversation.


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