Improve Market research & engagement with Vox pops

by | Apr 6, 2016 | Assorted

Many tactics for gathering consumer perspectives are time-consuming or costly. Time spent setting up appointments for long-form surveys can be spent more effectively on Vox Pops, short and informal interviews that provide a more casual and streamlined means for collecting market research and public opinion.

What is a ‘Vox Pop’?

The term is short for ‘Vox Populi’ or the voice of the people. Vox Pops are short interviews conducted with a target segment or random sample from the public. They can be conducted over the radio (via people who are invited to call in and voice their opinions), on talk shows (via audience participation) and on the street (via interviews with any willing passerby).

Why are Vox Pops useful for your business? 

Vox Pops are useful both for acquiring relevant and insightful consumer insights and are also useful for creating consumer-curated content (for example vox pop videos that combine the ‘average Joe’s’ views on topic x with your own messaging on the same subject). The first tool is useful for gaining market insights, the second for fostering greater engagement and interaction with your brand.

The benefits of using Vox Pops for market research are:

  • Participants do not have to travel or make inconvenient interview appointments (lower barrier to participation)
  • Vox Pops can reduce selection bias by making interviewed segments more random and diverse than if they were chosen from a fixed dataset
  • Vox Pops are more effective for eliciting participation since respondents prefer to be inconvenienced as little as possible
  • Conducting market research via vox pops can establish initial contact that could provide further, lengthier interactions between participants and your business

The benefits of Vox Pop videos for customer engagement:

  • Videos that draw on the insights and opinions of regular consumers lend social proof and give your business a human face
  • Videos can increase on-site time as customers view your longer content
  • Videos use currently available technology and thus showcase your business as being up-to-date and on-trend

How Vox Pops can be used 

There are almost limitless ways to use Vox Pops for market research. You could, for example:

  • Ask participants what they look for in a specific type of product
  • Ask participants for their opinion on an issue or topic relevant to your business

When it comes to video, you can:

  • Create interest and viral share potential by asking participants questions on a controversial topic related to your business
  • Attract customers from different demographics by showcasing their own demographic’s views in video ‘voice of the people’ content

Vox Pops, whether used for gathering or representing data, provide a cost-effective business solution. Their versatility means that they can be useful in everything from lead acquisition and conversion to gaining insights into your target market’s desires and expectations.

Are you using Vox Pops for your business? Let us show you how you can.