eBook: How To Measure Customer Experience & Its Impact On your Business

by | Feb 16, 2016 | Customer Experience, Ebooks & Downloads

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Customer experience has become an increasingly important agenda on the desk of most CEOs.

As a result, many organisations are channelling time, money and resources into customer experience. However, the outcome can sometimes be disappointing and the ROI difficult to see.

The problem, in most cases, is that there simply isn’t enough measurement to be able to gauge success, prioritise actions and identify opportunities for improvement when it comes to customer experience strategies, programmes and initiatives.

However with the emergence of new technology, and the increase in available, useful data within organisations; measuring CX effectively is just about connecting the right dots.

For this reason, the “How To Measure Customer Experience” eBook was created.

It’s an effort to help organisations by providing them with the context and necessary knowledge to be able create a tangible customer experience framework that actually measures experience and pinpoints which specific areas of a business are being affected by its performance or lack thereof.

With over a decade of expertise in the customer experience field, Dave Benjamin, CEO of Interact RDT has authored the book and divulged some of his tried and tested techniques for achieving measurable customer-centricity.

The book focuses on helping organisations understand what makes an effective CX strategy tick, with measurement and financial return being key themes.

Another hot topic is that of data. There are a number of invaluable data sources that often go unutilised or are seen just in isolation. CX however, is an umbrella of factors, and measuring it requires a variety of data and feedback mechanisms.

Although a previously intangible subject, the eBook also breaks myths on what is measurable, and how to align an organisation’s strategy and budget with customer experience initiatives.

It’s especially helpful to marketing, research and customer experience managers who struggle to get the necessary backing from their organisations to embark on customer experience programmes, as the book sheds light on the ROI of customer experience and the use of technology to gauge the success of customer experience programmes.

It’s a must-read for any organisation, regardless of their current level of involvement in customer experience.


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