Using Event Measurement To Provide Actionable Marketing Intelligence

by | Jan 8, 2016 | Assorted

We live in an increasingly competitive world where companies are continually striving for the advantage that will allow their brands to thrive in a marketplace that is characterised by increasing consumer choice. The brands that will dominate the marketplace are those that create and sustain meaningful, long-term relationships with their consumers. Consumer experience is the foundation that will allow a brand to prosper.

Building a brand relationship and improving the customer experience cannot be left to chance. It requires continuous research, using intuitive design and relevant technology to provide insights into the customer experience and how this might be optimised. At Interact RDT, we have taken the art of customer experience analysis and turned it into a science. One element of understanding the entire customer journey is through Onsite Insights our Events Measurement solution.

Going Live With Consumers

The key to getting valuable customer insight is in having the correct people do the job. When we send an Onsite Insights team to get feedback from consumers about brand performance, the team is equipped with the right training and tools to get actionable information about the specific consumer experience, down to demographic splits and the option of video insights – all delivered via a 3G enabled iPad for an industry leading immersive and engaging consumer experience.

Nowhere is this more important than when measuring the consumer brand experience at events. Our researchers are sent onsite to measure exactly what experience is being delivered during promotions, live activations and sponsorships. The research is conducted at the venue itself, which is split up into ‘experience zones’ and it is in these zones where our industry leading training becomes essential.

Cari-Ann Grobler, our Onsite Insights expert at Interact, says that the difference between a promoter and trained, qualified researchers could not be more important than when they are engaging with consumers at an event.

“Promoters are great for motivating consumers to engage in buying behaviour, but actually obtaining information on why people are attending an event or why they purchase a particular brand is a more complex challenge.  It requires skilled researchers who have the appropriate training, something we take very seriously at Interact, whether it be for Mystery Shopping analysis, Telephonic Surveys, running Focus Groups or Onsite Insights at events. Some research organisations simply don’t place enough emphasis on a rigorous training process. For example we have heard of instances where internal staff are used to conduct research – this doesn’t provide an unbiased view and will simply not provide the sorts of actionable insights that are so valuable to a brand.”

“The Interact screening process is one of the most, if not the most rigorous in the research industry. Even when recruiters send us candidates for research work, we rescreen them to make sure that we are providing clients with the best value for money and research results that can make a real difference to the success of their brands.”

Measurement and management go hand in hand as clients get access to information that actually allows for the consumer event experience to be improved in real time. Where onsite insights are concerned, the evidence exists in the results, which is why we’ve introduced our R89,000 Summer Deal, where class leading measurement and insight can help your brand reach the next level. This special offer will provide any organisation with the information required to supercharge the consumer brand experience and is a great introduction to the insight that can be gained from the complete process.

Find out more about what you can expect from our Onsite Insights Summer Deal.



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