Moovah! – Making It Possible To Access And Research The Emerging Market

by | Jan 6, 2016 | Market Research

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Moovah! is a revolutionary app for market research that provides tangible rewards for the consumers making use of it. Simply by downloading the Moovah! app to their smartphones, consumers can get free access to high speed (up to 100mps) Internet while frequenting associated pre-defined taxis, Spaza shops and other locations that have Moovah! devices installed.

What results is a local network of connected consumers who have the freedom to stream content while also taking part in surveys, rating of TV ads etc. in order to earn credits. These credits can be built up and exchanged for data, airtime or music downloads, incentivising the participation in research campaigns.

How Can Brands Benefit

From a brand perspective, businesses are able to position branded content in front of this captive audience, not only with the purpose of enhancing personal brand awareness, but also to gain detailed insight into this huge demographic. Advertising to, engaging with and rewarding these consumers is now completely viable, straightforward and without any barriers. This activity is also well received on the consumer side, as it presents way to interact during time spent on the road, with access to free Internet and lucrative rewards for actions taken.

With such a large demographic that spends – on average – 65 minutes in a taxi per day, spread out over an average of 2.3 trips per day, Moovah! is the most optimal way to delve into their online activity, buying habits and lifestyle preferences.