Case Study: An Activation To Boost Awareness Of Their New Air Care

by | Jun 9, 2014 | Assorted

The Brief

Our client in the FMCG industry was planning an activation to boost awareness of their new air care range amongst the public.

The concept called on designers to create a room design inspired by each of the product fragrances, the best rooms were then built for display at two popular sites in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

The main aim was to create a shift in the consumer’s mind around the use of air care products from reactive odour management to proactive fragrance management.

The primary goal of the research was to measure shifts in consumer perceptions of the product’s usage applications around the home.

Our Solution

We implemented our Onsite Insights methodology, with an initial aim of capturing a minimum sample of 100 respondents who had seen and interacted with the activation campaign in both the Western Cape and Gauteng.

Research was carried out onsite, at the actual activations, to ensure that respondents were able to share their feedback while immersed in the experience; making it far more accurate and detailed than more traditional forms of consumer research.

Our researchers were equipped with 3G enabled iPads and access to the online survey, this ensured that respondents were engaged, and feedback was far more immediate and accurate.

The Outcome

The end sample achieved was 246 respondents, this more than double the initial goal, a result our client was pleased with.

We also uncovered insights in the following categories: current purchase behaviour, current usage applications, future usage applications, perceptual shifts, propensity to purchase, Net Promoter Scoring, activation campaign rating, and effect of the campaign on product / brand knowledge.

Our detailed insights presentation gave our client a window into the minds of their consumers, as well as an accurate analysis of whether or not the activation had fulfilled their objectives.

Most importantly, our client was able to accurately measure their previously intangible objectives.


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