Case Study: Collecting opinions from across South Africa

by | Jan 27, 2014 | Assorted

The Brief

Our Client, a leader in the petroleum industry, wanted to launch a marketing campaign amongst their service station patrons. They needed to test perceptions both prior to the campaign and once it had passed to test the impact that the campaign had on consumer perceptions.

They also needed to test the effectiveness of the campaign as well as identify areas for improvement in their marketing approach. Because our client had service stations across the country, there was also a need to find respondents who qualified across South Africa in a relatively short time frame.

Our Solution

In order to reach a wide range of respondents, we used our Online Panel. Because the Interact RDT panel is already established with an active user base from across South Africa, we were able to start the project immediately without having to spend time on costly recruitment.

We then created and launched online surveys that were sent directly to panel members because of our existing software integration.
There was a screener survey, a pre-campaign survey and finally a during campaign survey.

The Outcome

A sample from 7 provinces was obtained (Gauteng, Western Cape, KZN, Eastern Cape, Bloemfontein, Limpopo, North West).

We also achieved a sample size of 258 respondents. These were people that had completed the screener, pre-campaign and during campaign surveys.

The surveys uncovered insights into the following categories: understanding of campaigns, participation rate of campaigns, perception of campaigns, barriers to participation.

With the detailed feedback and data our client was able to meet their research objectives, as well as plan effectively for future campaigns.