Case Study: Using technology to promote research

by | Sep 9, 2013 | Assorted

The Brief

 One of our established clients in the food and beverage industry needed to conduct product and consumer research on a regular basis.

They needed these projects rolled out continuously, and were struggling to meet their research goals with their intended budget.

The issue was that most of their research needed to be on site, and in real-time. It simply wasn’t sufficient to use cheaper, paper based solutions and they still needed meaningful reports even in the absence of a professional services team.


Our Solution

Especially with small to medium enterprises, we strive to enable customer experience through comprehensive and affordable research solutions.

In this instance, we suggested Digium Enterprise Feedback Management Software. Once our client had purchased their license, they were able to build customised surveys online.

As long as their surveys were completed online (using any internet enabled smart device), they could capture feedback anywhere – including live events and other in-field research.

The other benefit was that they could view the results of their research while it was happening, and with Digium they could also extract basic but meaningful reports instantly.


The Outcome

 We were able to deliver our client a flexible solution that truly met their needs, and most importantly, served their customers.

Because of their reduced spend on research; they were able to implement more research projects that were previously not prioritised.

They were also given access to a sustainable solution to their concerns, rather than sold a product – this is something we are very passionate about