Case Study: Uniting employees, building a culture

by | Aug 11, 2013 | Assorted

The Brief

A prominent Bank in South Africa wanted to rethink the way they did business, but they didn’t just want to focus on their customers, albeit important.

Instead they wanted to focus on the internal customers, their employees. The problem they were experiencing is that there was a disconnect in the team.

In particular, there was a multi-disciplinary team within the organisation that just couldn’t gel together. As a result, different departments would not co-operate or collaborate with one another, and because the vast majority of their team were not customer facing, it was even harder to visualise their ultimate purpose.

Our Solution

From the onset, it was clear that the problem couldn’t be fixed in one day.

Another priority for us was to ensure that we didn’t provide a traditional team building solution that works on the day but fades from the memories of participants soon after.

We decided to implement our comprehensive Culture of CX Solution.

We began with our CX orientation phase, a day which the team came together and unpacked the meaning of customer experience, and were encouraged to relate it directly back to themselves.

One of the highlights of the day was an exercise that kept asking the question ‘why?’ in order to find the root meaning of why they come to work everyday


The Outcome


The day was hugely successful, and it was just a stepping stone on the journey to better, brighter things.

Since then we have been in production of a customer experience book that holds their progress and the ideals they should strive to achieve.

We have also been in planning to roll out more tactile, hands on exercises and games that will be rolled out over the space of 6 months, in order to keep the spirit of customer experience alive

Our client has already seen a change in their work environment, and we are looking forward to the progress that lies ahead.